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The Red Lab project

Welcome to the Red Lab, Serco’s new Research & Development incubator for research and innovation in the space sector. The Red Lab offers amazing research opportunities and industry experience to space and university students.

The Red Lab is Serco’s new Research Hub. We are a unique Research & Development incubator located in Italy which focuses on research and innovation in the space sector. Through the Red Lab, Serco provides unique research opportunities for space students in the field of Earth Observation. We host students and young scientists to conduct their research within Serco premises and ensure they get the chance to apply academic knowledge and gain industry experience. 

 If you are a student, a young researcher or a university, you are at the right place.


Why Join the Red Lab Research Hub? 

Student looking at a large book in-between aisles of books in the library

Are you a student? A Young Researcher?

  • Benefit from Serco Teams’ experience and expertise in the field of Earth Observation

  • Enjoy an innovative and great working environment within Serco’s premises 

  • Combine academic knowledge and industry experience

  • Contribute to  our existing operations and help foster innovation

  •  Unlimited access to ONDA -DIAS,Serco's Satellite Data platform 

  • Possibility of recruitment after your traineeship

Shelves of books from floor to ceiling in a library

Are you a University?

  • Team up with a leading and trusted provider of services to National Space Agencies and the European Space Agency (ESA) with over 40 years’ experience

  • Offer a unique and prestigious placement opportunity to your students

Research Areas

Research opportunities provided by Serco at the Red Lab mainly focus on  Earth Science, Earth Observation sensors, Space 4.0 and Engineering and Management. Students will have a wide range of research topics to look into. 

We want to hear from you

Whether you are a graduate or a post-grad, a young scientist or a confirmed researcher: we want to hear from you! If you are university or a start-up and  are interested in collaborating, our teams our are here to answer your questions.