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A brand-new build Category C Resettlement prison in Leicester opened in 2023 and operated by Serco HMP Fosse Way

As part of the Government’s investment in creating thousands of modern and innovative prison places with a view to truly rehabilitating prisoners, our Justice & Immigration business was chosen to be the first operator of HMP and YOI Fosse Way, a brand-new resettlement prison in Leicester that opened in mid 2023.  As with all our custodial estate, Serco provides a secure, safe, and decent environment aimed at reducing re-offending, and at HMP Fosse Way, we will be caring for and working with around 1,700 prisoners.

This prison is the second to be built in the UK, designed with education, training, and jobs for prisoners on release as its main purpose.  

Intended to cut crime and reduce reoffending, our goal is for prisoners to learn new skills and acquire training that will provide them with a viable opportunity to work in key industries when back in the community.

Serco are working in partnership with local employers with the intention of opening up opportunities for on-the-job training through release on temporary licence (ROTL), designed to get those who have served their sentence straight into paid employment. 

External view of the HMP Fosse Way building

The prison provides over 600 permanent jobs in a range of areas including prisoner officer roles, healthcare, education, psychology and administration. 

Together with the Ministry of Justice, we are committed to tackling crime and keeping communities safer.

The HMP Fosse Way Story

HMP Fosse Way is built on the site previously occupied by HMP Glen Parva which closed it’s gates in 2017.  The competition to choose a new name for the prison was run by the HM Prison and Probation Service amongst the local community and after a six-week consultation, the name Fosse Way was chosen.  The origin of the name Fosse Way is deep rooted in South Leicestershire, and was a roman road originally built to link key areas such as Exeter, Lincoln, Bath and Leicester across the country. The name is also popular with a number of local businesses and venues so seemed a fitting choice.

The community has already played a central part in the new prison and we look forward to forging close ties with the people of South Leicestershire as we operate the establishment in the coming years.

Ground works being completed ready for construction of HMP Fosse Way


HMP Fosse Way building site with cranes


HMP Fosse Way buildings under construction


Aerial view of the HMP Fosse Way prison on a misty day


Aerial view of HMP Fosse Way buildings under construction