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We are looking for landlords, investors and agents with properties available in the North West, Midlands or East of England. All types of properties are required. Calling all landlords

Serco provides asylum accommodation and support services in the North West of England, Midlands and East of England.

Our purpose is the provision of accommodation, transportation and subsistence payments for asylum seekers whilst their claims are being processed.

We are responsible for over 30,000 asylum seekers in an ever growing portfolio of more than 7000 properties. Our operating model is based on leasing properties from a wide network of landlords, investors and agents with Serco acting as a Tenant.

Row of red brick, Victorian terraced houses

Prospective landlords, investors and agents

We want to work with you and will consider all types of properties in the North West, Midlands or East of England.

These include traditional HMO’s, family property, former carehome, residential and student accommodation.

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“Over the 3 years that I have now worked with Serco I have increased my housing stock with the assistance of the Serco Procurement Team. Serco tenancy agreements are now recognised as secure lettings by numerous lenders and therefore access to funding for service user occupied buy-to-let properties has become an easier proposition for lenders."


We are confident that our lease provision offers an attractive and competitive proposition within the industry:

Long term lease

Leases available for 5+ years with no void periods.

Rent paid

Rent paid in full, on time every month, with no arrears.

Repairs and maintenance

Full repair and maintenance lease excluding latent and structural defects.


Utilities and Council Tax bills paid by Serco.

Property management

Full HMO and property management including monthly property and periodic safety inspections.

No fees

No letting or management costs.

For more general information, please email [email protected] or visit our AASC contract page to find out more.