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If you are a landlord, investor or agent with properties available in the North West, Midlands or East of England Get in touch

Prospective landlords, investors and agents

If you have a property in the North West, Midlands or East of England**, we want to work with you. We will consider all types of properties including traditional HMO’s, family property, former care home, residential and student accommodation. In addition we also require properties that have been adapted to cater for those who have physical or mental impairments, read more. We are confident that our lease provision offers an attractive and competitive proposition within the industry.

If you would like more details of the scheme, please call us now on 0330 236 9898 or, complete the form below and one of our Property Sourcing Officers will contact you as soon as possible.

** You can check which areas within the North West, Midlands or East of England, subject to local authority updates, we are currently procuring properties.


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