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Regime information for Ashfield Prison

HMP Ashfield provide several intervention courses and various education and skills-based courses to support reducing re-offending upon release

HMP Ashfield inmate discussing cake making with a prison teacher

Education and Employment

In Ashfield College all prisoners have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of educational activities. These include mathematics, I.T, English, digital arts, design & print, bakery, business skills and life skills. We also deliver a broad vocational curriculum which includes electrics, carpentry, plumbing, plastering & tiling, paint & decorating, horticulture, industrial cleaning and a working Bistro.

Our provision is built around skill and employability-development and we place an emphasis on the importance of achieving nationally-recognised qualifications as part of rehabilitation. Prisoners are able to undertake tuition through distance-learning providers such as the Open University alongside the curriculum offered by the college.

Opportunities in waste management, laundry and light industries allow prisoners to develop work-related skills whilst contributing to the running of the establishment.

Serco-run HMP Ashfield prison orderly in the store room getting tea


The Interventions team at Ashfield offer two accredited offending behaviour programmes for men who have been convicted of sexual offences to help them to build skills and strengthen new me.

The programmes are inclusive and respond effectively to a range of responsivity needs including difficulties with engagement, therapeutic relationships and men maintaining their innocence.

Kaizen is a strength based, future focused programme designed to meet the needs of adult males who are high or very high risk with convictions of Sexual offences.

Horizon is also a strength based, future focused programme developed for men assessed as medium risk who have been convicted of Sexual offences.

The interventions team also undertake a range of assessments to ensure individuals are offered the most appropriate programmed in order to meet their criminogenic needs.

Serco-run HMP Ashfield prison office in the Ashfield library holding books


The area is stocked with at least 4000 fiction and non-fiction books; additional reference and statutory information is available to all. The library also has a selection of computers which prisoners can utilise to conduct continued studies in the educational subjects they are taking.

Gym instructor at HMP Ashfield supervising a prisoner with the leg press


A wide range of activities will be provided to meet the needs, interests and abilities of all prisoners, including an astro-turf pitch, climbing wall, fitness suite and sports hall. Activities such as YOGA, Tai-Chi, and Bowls will be available in recognition of the broad age group of our population. The Physical Education department will also work alongside Healthcare to encourage prisoners to live healthy lifestyles and provide education and information on diet, fitness and general well-being.

Serco-run HMP Ashfield healthcare employee and prison custody officer discussing infection control measures


The Healthcare Service is commissioned by NHS England.  This service includes GP care, nursing services, substance misuse and mental health services, dental services and opticians.