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Visitor Information

We operate a pre-booked visits system for both social and legal visits. This means that families and friends must be registered with the prison before a visit can be booked. The prisoner will request this via the ATM.

Visitor times - Social and Legal

HMP Ashfield are pleased to invite you to our welcoming environment where the visits hall has soft furnishings with no fixed furniture to provide a much more comfortable visit.

Once visitors are approved,  prisoners will be able to arrange their own visit via the ATM and then tell their family and friends which day and time the visit is booked for.

Legal visits can register by telephoning 0117 303 8006. This will mean that you will be able to book your visits via the Serco Online Visits Booking System. 

The registration line is open Monday to Friday 08.30am to 12.00pm and 12.30pm to 16.00pm. The line is closed on Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Legal visits

Friday: 09:00 - 12:00

What identification do legal visitors require?

Can legal visitors bring in IT equipment?

If you require IT equipment for the visit this will need to be pre-arranged when calling.

Does the prison have a video link?

HMP Ashfield Video Link provides a professional service to Crown and Magistrates Courts.  This is a real time, two-way transmission by video of images and sound between two or more locations, offering an effective way of conducting hearings.

  • Parole hearings
  • Court of Appeal

Social Visits

Within the visits hall we have two areas, one being for social visits/purple visits, and a smaller area for family visits to include children. Spaces for the family room are limited and on a first come first served basis.


09:00 - 12:00 14:00 - 17:00



14:00 - 17:00


09:00 - 12:00 14:00 - 17:00





Please remember to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the visits session.

Where to go on arrival?

On arrival visitors should make their way to the Visitors Centre, where staff will assist them with any questions and guide them through the visits procedure.  The Visitors Centre provides facilities for visitors to refresh themselves prior to their visit.

Personal belongings must be put in a locker in the Visitors Centre or left locked in vehicles. Visitors will need a £1 coin for the locker and this is refundable when leaving.

Visitors should arrive 30-40 minutes before their visit is due to start.

You may be entitled to help with your travel expenses. Please visit the Assisted Prison Visits Scheme page for more information.

What identification is needed?

On your first visit you will be required to bring two items of ID, one being photographic ID the other showing your address.

Can ex-prisoners visit?

Ex-prisoners can visit as long as prior agreement from the Director is approved. The request to visit should be addressed in writing to the Director of HMP Ashfield.

Appropriate clothing during visits

Visitors to the establishment are expected to wear appropriate , decent clothing during their visit.

How often can someone visit?

The number of social visits a prisoner can have depends on their level in the Incentives Scheme.  This level is determined on behaviour and commitment to Rehabilitation.

What security measures will visitors experience?

All visitors will be searched, including children.

Security measures could include:

  • Drug dog search
  • Rub down search
  • X-ray portal search
  • Handheld metal detector

All visitors will be have their finger scanned along with a photograph taken.

All visits areas are covered by CCTV, and staff wear body worn video cameras. All footage is recorded, stored and retained in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

What can be taken into a visit?

The only item permitted to be taken in to the visits hall is £20.00 per adult visitor, and this must be in coin form, a machine is located in the visitor’s entry building.  Monies should not be left loose on the tables provided.

Mothers with baby are able to bring in nappies, one bottle (which will provide milk for) and baby wipes.

Required medication for the timing of your visit can be brought in to this establishment. This must be declared on entry and on entering the visits hall handed to a member of staff, until required.

A selection of Refreshments and snacks can be purchased in the visits hall via the Visits Café.

If visitors are:-

  • Found in possession of any banned and unauthorised items;
  • Found passing them over to a prisoner;
  • Suspected of smuggling drugs or other unauthorised articles;

the police will be called and the visitor may be arrested. This could result in a prison sentence or being banned from visiting all prisons.

Can money and clothes be taken in for a prisoner?

As HMP Ashfield is a Category C prison. The only items permitted to be brought in are, undergarments, namely:

  • Pants;
  • Socks;
  • Razors; 
  • Books.

Visitors cannot give prisoners cash during visits, however you can send money by debit card.

You will need the prisoner number and their date of birth. Go to