Visitor Information

Maintaining contact with family and friends is important to everyone in HMP Dovegate. Key information on visiting times, procedures and policy available here.

Covid-19 Update: 
To all families and friends of men here at HMP Dovegate;

As most of you will be aware visits commenced here at HMP Dovegate on 7th July 2021, we can confirm that the exciting transition in welcoming you all back in to the establishment is going well and as time goes on we envisage the visiting capacity will gradually increase. 

Please see the current updates:

Update: 7th July 2021

The Prime Minister recently said the current restrictions will stop on July 19th in the community, however, in prisons this has to be different.

Covid-19 spreads more easily in prisons because everyone lives and works close together. We have done really well so far to control it but because there is still a risk of people catching the virus, we have to be careful how quickly we open up again. Therefore, prisons in England will not be opening up completely on July 19th. Keeping everyone in our prisons safe from this virus is still very important.  

We are making progress, but we must do it at a slower pace than in the community.

Having a hug

We understand how important it is for you to be able to have physical contact with the person you are visiting in prison. We recently tried letting people who had tested negative for Covid on the day of their visit, have physical contact with their family member. We are looking at the results of that and will let you know how we get on. We hope to keep making visits even better in the future. 

Have the jab

Health experts have said that the best way to beat Covid-19 is to have the vaccination (jab). 42,500 prisoners have had their first jab so far and 21,000 have had both jabs. Please encourage the person you are visiting to have the vaccine when they are offered it. If they have any questions, they can speak to their key worker, someone in healthcare or perhaps a peer mentor or religious leader who will listen and try and help.

How we live with Covid in the future will be a new experience for all of us. We must continue to protect ourselves and each other by making sure we stay two metres apart, wear a face covering and wash our hands often.

Thank you for your support.

Kind Regards,

Clare Pearson 
HMP Dovegate
Contract Director