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Join the Red Lab Hub

The Red Lab activities are addressed to universities, research institutes, schools and industry R&D departments. Serco commits to provide top-notch IT infrastructure and processing capabilities, based on our ONDA -DIAS,Serco's Satellite Data platform for students and scientists to carry out their research in a privileged work environment. 

Join the Red Lab Hub

Joining the Red Lab Hub opens the door to a wide range of research and collaboration opportunities. Depending on your profile, experience and research needs Serco offers various placement options including:

Curricular Internships

The Curricular Internships are grants for university students to obtain their first or second level master degree, and are performed in cooperation with the university.

The typical duration is 3-6 months for first level Master degrees and 9-12 months for second level Master degrees.


The Internships are grants for post-master graduates and young scientists. The aim is to carry out research activity within the ReD-Lab, although they can be also implemented in cooperation with research institutes or industry R&D departments.
The typical duration is 6 months.


Agreements, Cooperation and Contracts

These activities aim to establish partnerships with expert support laboratories, universities and research centres in specific areas of research, paving the way for business collaborations or leading to commercial contracts in support of service operations.



A variety of educational activities are envisaged that include active participation in events for the general public and projects to be carried out in cooperation with high schools and universities.