Health Services careers with Serco

The primary purpose of the Health Services team is to keep people healthy by providing world-class clinical care, through an integrated health services model. This team provides services to support a number of diverse health issues and primary health care to meet the needs of inmates.

Our multidisciplinary Health Services team comprises doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, enrolled nurses, nurse specialists and specialist service providers.   

This team will work closely with custodial staff to deliver holistic and integrated patient-centred health services that:

  • provides primary health care;
  • responds to emergent health concerns;
  • actively treats chronic diseases and communicable diseases such as sexually transmitted infections;
  • develops and maintains mental health plans;
  • educates custodial patients on healthy living and lifestyle choices;
  • assist with reintegration back into the community and provides continuity of care; and
  • addresses the diverse needs of the custodial patient population, including men, women, Indigenous peoples, and culturally and linguistically diverse peoples through specific tailoring.

The Health Services team provide primary care based on a patient-centred model allowing custodial patients to actively participate in their health management.

Available roles

  • Nurse Unit Managers (NUM)
  • Clinical Team Leaders
  • Nurse Educator
  • Nurse Practitioners (Primary and Mental Health) 
  • Registered Nurses (RN) (Primary Health)
  • Registered Nurses (RN) Specialists:
    • RN Chronic Disease
    • RN Drug & Alcohol
    • RN Mental Health
    • RN Public Sexual Health
  • Doctors (General Practitioner)
  • Enrolled Nurses (EN)
  • Administration Assistants – Health
  • Health Records Administrators

What does a Health Services career with Serco look like?

A correctional centre demands the best, and our people come to us from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. What they will have in common is an ability to relate to people, exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, maintain a high level of integrity, a commitment to supporting their colleagues and the knowledge that what they do will have a positive impact on their communities.

Working in a correctional environment can be very rewarding. You will make a positive difference in the lives of others every day and also enjoy some great benefits that come with a company like Serco.


As a Serco employee, you’re open to a world of opportunity. You’ll be doing meaningful and vital work in a new state-of-the-art facility with the latest technology. You’ll have opportunities to learn new advance practice skills in a dynamic work environment, where professional development is supported, and diversity is valued.

Primary health care is based on a patient-centred model which will mean you can excel in your area of expertise and make a positive difference every day.


You will be provided with relevant induction training, relevant to your role, to prepare you for working in a correctional environment.

You will also have access to ongoing training and skills development.

Recruitment Process

If you would like to pursue a Health Services career with Serco, you will go through the following recruitment journey, which will take approximately 12 weeks.

1. Online Application     

All applicants will be required to apply online, where you will need to complete an applicant profile and upload your resume. You will receive an automated email confirming receipt of your application.

You can apply for roles directly via this website. When roles are advertised, links will be added to this website that will direct you to the online application. 

2. Screening & Video/Telephone Interview

If successful, you will then be invited to complete a Pre-Recorded Video Interview, where you will be required to record yourself answering specific behavioural based questions or Telephone Interview. 

3. Panel or Round Robin Interview 

If you progress through to the next stage, you will be invited to attend a Panel or Round Robin Interview, where you will be asked a range of behavioural and situational questions.

4. Online Testing          

If successful through the interview process, you will be invited to complete Online Psychometric and Emotional Intelligence testing to access your ability to empathise with others and assess others' emotions.

5. Probity & Medical Assessment           

If successful through the earlier stages of the application process, you will be asked to undergo probity checks and medical assessments, including: 

  • Two (2) Work reference checks
  • A National Criminal History Check
  • Various security checks and clearances
  • Health questionnaire and if required pre-employment medical and or physical functional assessment
  • Drug and alcohol testing.
  • Verification of qualifications including transcript and current registration
  • Clarence Correctional Centre and State Approval process

6. Verbal Offer

If you are a preferred applicant, you will be verbally offered a position pending employee authorisation and clearance by Corrective Services NSW.

7. State Approval          

Once you accept your verbal offer, Serco will coordinate your employee authorisation and clearance by Corrective Services NSW.

8. Formal Officer         

If your application is approved, you will be given a written offer and contract that sets out your terms and conditions of employment including your start date.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, please get in touch via ClarenceEnquiries@serco-ap.com 

Do I need previous corrections experience to apply?

No. When assessing your application, we will be looking at experiences relevant to the role in which you have applied for.

Do previous convictions identified as part of my National Criminal History Check disqualify me from employment?

As part of the standard recruitment process, all shortlisted candidates will undertake a National Criminal History Check. A previous conviction does not mean you will be automatically disqualified from progressing. The National Criminal History Check is only one part of the process and each candidate will be assessed on their own merits and the circumstances of any previous conviction will be considered. The most important thing is to be upfront and disclose this information early in the process. Please also ensure that you declare any non-recorded convictions at the pre-screening stage including the offence, year and outcome. Notifying us early will assist us in determining your application.

Will I receive training?

On commencement, all staff will undergo a comprehensive induction. This will include security and emergency training. Each new employee will also receive a comprehensive role specific induction.

Ongoing training will be provided for all staff. For professional staff this will include regular in-service training and opportunities to attend both internal and external training. Nurses will also have access to competency training to ensure they maintain the skills required to work in this unique environment.

Will I need to work shifts?

Yes, the Clarence Correctional Centre operates 24/7 and staff will work various shift patterns, which will include day, night and weekends.

All shifts will be in accordance with the operational requirements of the Centre 24/7 and rostered on a rotating roster.

Detailed shift patterns are currently in development.

Who will I be employed by?

You will be employed by Serco Australia Pty Ltd.

Serco has been delivering essential public services in Australia for more than 30 years.

What type of inmates will be at Clarence Correctional Centre?

Clarence Correctional Centre will hold a number of security classifications and legal status at the Centre. The design and operations of the centre are aligned in accordance to inmate risk.  The centre consists of three facilities- male maximum, female and male minimum.

Will there be transport available to Clarence Correctional Centre?

Driving is required to get to the site. There is parking on-site to accommodate all employees.

Is there a required dress code and appearance policy?

Serco have a dress code policy which covers uniform standards, personal appearance and special requirements.

All correctional and non-custodial staff will be required to wear a uniform. Uniforms are to be worn in accordance with Serco’s Uniform and Dress Code Policy and Standards. Uniforms will be provided at your Initial Training Course or your Non-Custodial Induction Course.

Is there a minimum age to apply for jobs?

You must be 18 years of age or older to work in a correctional environment.