What does a career with Serco look like?

A correctional centre demands the best, and our people come to us from a variety of backgrounds. What they will have in common is an an ability to relate to people through exceptional communication and interpersonal skills whilst maintaining the highest degree of integrity, commitment and support the goal of providing world class practices in offender management and community safety. 

Every member of the Clarence Correctional Centre team plays an integral role in ensuring the safety and security of the facility, but also helping to reduce reoffending and improve the safety of the community. No matter the role or function in the Centre, you’ll be making an important difference every day. 

Rehabilitation & Reintegration  

The primary purpose of the Rehabilitation & Reintegration team is to provide a range of programs aimed at reducing reoffending and supports the successful transition of inmates back into the community.

To support a positive outcome for inmates and the community, the Rehabilitation & Reintegration team help facilitate: 

  • education and vocational programs to increase education levels and develop skills leading to recognised qualifications;
  • inmate employment opportunities to develop skills and experience;
  • offence related programs to address the root cause of offending;
  • life skills programs to increase awareness and promote personal development, with support from family and significant others;
  • wellbeing programs to improve social skills and confidence;
  • pre-release planning and social services to support successful reintegration; and
  • continuous cultural and spiritual support to promote wellbeing, respect and decency.

The Rehabilitation & Reintegration team work closely with Correctional staff, Industries and Health Services on a day to day basis to ensure a holistic approach to supporting the best outcomes.

Available rolesR&R

  • Program Delivery Officers
  • Senior Psychologists
  • Psychologists
  • Cultural and Religious Advisors
  • Vocational Trainers
  • Education Facilitators
  • Education & Training Coordinator

Industries & Business Services

Serco will provide inmates with the opportunity to participate in meaningful work experiences in the Centre. These work experiences will be supported by training and formal qualifications to ensure inmates develop and improve their work skills, this will ultimately contribute to enhancing post-release employment prospects. The Industries team will use their own previous trade experience and qualifications to impart knowledge, supervise and upskill inmates.

The Industries & Business Services team work closely with Correctional staff and the Rehabilitation & Reintegration team on a day to day basis to ensure the best outcomes.

Available Industries roles

  • Industries Supervisors
  • Trade Instructors
    • Metal Fabrication
    • Small Engine Maintenance / Repairs
    • Grounds & Horticulture
    • Waste Management
    • Woodwork
    • Bakery
    • Laundry
    • Kitchens
  • Kitchen Supervisors

Available Businesss Services roles

  • Job Centre Facilitator
  • Employment Coordinator
  • Employment Scheduling & Remuneration Officer
  • Logistics & Distribution Coordinator
  • Procurement & Administration Officer Canteen Facilitator

Sentence Management

The Sentence Management team is responsible for ensuring the lawful detention of inmates, provision of case management practices in line with rehabilitation and reintegration standards and recommending inmate security classifications and placements. The Sentence Management team is made up of two streams:

  • Sentence Administration
  • Case Management

The Sentence Administration stream uses strong administration skills and capability to coordinate all record management functions and services that pertain to the detention and release of inmates.

The Case Management stream works directly with inmates providing end-to-end case management in order to reduce their likelihood of re-offending.  

Available roles 

  • Sentence Management Unit Manager
  • Sentence Administration Coordinator
  • Sentence Administration Officer
  • Case Management Coordinator
  • Case Planning Officer

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management team encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure the functionality, security, comfort, safety and efficiency of the Clarence Correctional Centre by integrating people, place, process and technology.

The Facilities Management team has responsibilities for the day-to-day planned and unplanned maintenance of all buildings and areas. These tasks are performed via a hybrid operating model of outsourced labour and directly employed staff across a number of functions including plumbing, electrical, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), cleaning, grounds maintenance, water waste treatment and general building repairs.

Available roles

  • Technical Coordinator
  • Electrical Supervisor
  • Plumbing Supervisor 
  • Cleaning Leading Hand
  • Building Supervisor
  • HVAC Technician
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Cleaners
  • Administration Assistant – Facilities

Centre Services and Support Roles

In addition, Serco will require various support to enable the Centre to operate efficiently. These roles will be integral in assisting operations achieve the Serco’s key operating principles.

Available roles

  • Training Manager
  • Training Officer
  • People and Capability Advisors
  • Clarence Workforce Coordinator
  • Senior Administration Assistant
  • Administration Assistants  
  • Audit Officers
  • Security Compliance Coordinators
  • Logistics & Distribution Coordinator
  • Procurement & Administration Officer Canteen Facilitator
  • WHS Coordinator

Recruitment process

If you would like to pursue a career with Serco, you will go through the following recruitment journey, which will take approximately 12 weeks. 

1. Online Application     

All applicants will be required to apply online, where you will need to complete an applicant profile and upload your resume. You will receive an automated email confirming receipt of your application.

You can apply for roles directly via this website. When roles are advertised, links will be added to this website that will direct you to the online application.

2. Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Online Testing          

You will then be invited to complete an online LLN assessment, which covers aspects of reading, writing, oral communication, learning and numeracy to confirm your ability to undertake the role you have applied for. You can practice a similar test using this sample link. This is a sample test only and not the full test that will form part of the recruitment process. This sample test provides feedback on whether you may require more development. 

3. Screening & Video Interview

If successful in the LLN assessment, you will then be invited to complete a Pre-Recorded Video Interview, where you will be required to record yourself answering specific behavioural based questions.  

4. Round Robin Interview, Panel Interview or Assessment Centre

Depending on the role you have applied for, if successful in the Video Interview, you will be invited to either a Round Robin Interview, a Panel Interview or an Assessment Centre.

A Round Robin Interview involves spending time with different interviewers who will ask questions on a specific topic.

An Assessment Centre involves a number of aspects that will take place over the course of day, including:

  • Welcome & Introduction 
  • Behaviour Based Interview
  • Team Work Exercise
  • Report Writing Exercise, if required dependent on the role requirements
  • Agility Test

A Panel Interview involves being asked to respond to a behavioural and situational questions by a panel of interviewers.

5. Online Testing          

If successful through the interview process, you will be invited to complete Online Psychometric and Emotional Intelligence testing to access your ability to empathise with others and assess others' emotions

6. Second Interview      

Depending on the role you have applied for, you may be invited to attend a second interview, which will involve in-depth behavioural, situational and technical questions.

7. Probity & Medical Assessment           

If successful through the earlier stages of the application process, you will be asked to undergo probity checks and medical assessments, including:  

  • Two (2) Work reference checks
  • A National Criminal History Check
  • Various security checks and clearances
  • Health questionnaire and if required pre-employment medical and or physical functional assessment
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Verification of qualifications including transcript and current licences, if required

8. Verbal Offer

If you are a preferred applicant, you will be verbally offered a position pending employee authorisation and clearance by Corrective Services NSW.

9. State Approval          

Once you accept your verbal offer, Serco will coordinate your employee authorisation and clearance by Corrective Services NSW.

10. Formal Officer         

If your application is approved, you will be given a formal written offer that sets out your terms and conditions of employment including your start date.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, please get in touch via ClarenceEnquiries@serco-ap.com 

If I am employed in the construction of the prison, will I be eligible for employment with Serco once the facility is opened?

Yes, there are no restrictions on applying for any position that you are interested in if you have the required qualifications and experience.

Is there a minimum age to apply for jobs?

You must be 18 years of age or older to work in a correctional environment. 

What types of employment will be available?

There will be up to 600 permanent roles with the option to work permanent full-time, permanent part-time or casual. These opportunities will be available across all functional areas and will be communicated throughout the formal recruitment process.

I have never worked in a prison before; can I still apply?

Yes. We value life skills, a professional outlook, and transferable attributes.

When can I submit a formal application?

You can register your interest now for different roles via the 'Register your Interest' link and we will let you know once recruitment formally commences. 

Will I receive notification when formal applications open?

If you have registered your EOI online you will receive email notification when formal applications open. We will have a number of formal recruitment processes running concurrently therefore it will be important for you to closely monitor all information distributed by Serco.

Additionally, we encourage you to regularly check our website and our Social Media pages for updates.

What are the next steps in the process following my submission of a formal application?

Your application will be assessed against the selection criteria.  If you applications meets the requirements you will be contacted by a Talent Acquisition Specialist from the Clarence Recruitment Team with respect to next steps.

Am I able to apply for more than one role?

Yes, you are more than welcome to apply for multiple roles.  

Do previous convictions identified as part of my National Criminal History Check disqualify me from employment?

As part of the standard recruitment process, all shortlisted candidates will undertake a National Criminal History Check. A previous conviction does not mean you will be automatically disqualified from progressing. The National Criminal History Check is only one part of the process and each candidate will be assessed on their own merits and the circumstances of any previous conviction will be considered. The most important thing is to be upfront and disclose this information early in the process. Please also ensure that you declare any non-recorded convictions at the pre-screening stage including the offence, year and outcome.  Notifying us early will assist us in determining your application.

Who will I be employed by?

You will be employed by Serco Australia Pty Ltd.

Serco has been delivering essential public services in Australia for more than 30 years.

What type of inmates will be at Clarence Correctional Centre?

Clarence Correctional Centre will hold a number of security classifications and legal statuses. The design and operations of the centre are aligned in accordance to inmate risk. The centre consists of three facilities - male maximum, female and male minimum.

Will there be transport available to Clarence Correctional Centre?

Driving is required to get to the site. Thee is parking on-site to accommodate all employees.

Is there a required dress code and appearance policy?

Serco have a dress code policy which covers uniform standards, personal appearance and special requirements. 

All correctional and non-custodial staff will be required to wear a uniform. Uniforms are to be worn in accordance with Serco’s Uniform and Dress Code Policy and Standards. Uniforms will be provided at your Non-Custodial Induction Course.

Will I ever be in a room on my own with Inmates?

Yes, there will be occasions when you are in a room with one or more Inmates. However, staff training will provide you with enhanced security and situational awareness, state of the art security will provide a level of monitoring, and the proximity of an officer provides the required mitigation to conduct programs and services safely.

Will there be an officer in the room supervising Inmates?

No. However, staff training will provide you with enhanced security and situational awareness, state of the art security will provide a level of monitoring, and the proximity of an officer provides the required mitigation to conduct programs and services safely.

Will staff come to my assistance if I need it?

There will be response capability available across the Centre at all times to respond to emergency situations. However, response teams are not available to manage everyday issues or disputes. Minor incidents involving Inmates must be managed in accordance with policy and procedures and does require the member of staff, including non-operational staff, to ensure the appropriate behaviour and mutual respect are maintained at all times and reports/statements are submitted as required.

Will I need to use my own trade licence?


Is a work vehicle or transport provided?


Will I be on call?

This is role dependent and will be indicated in the specific role advertisement.

Do I have to work weekends?

This is role dependent and will be indicated in the specific role advertisement.

How much time will I spend onsite vs behind a desk?

This is role dependent and will be discussed with you throughout the recruitment process.