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Become a trusted partner of Australia’s largest and most state-of-the-art correctional centre.

Built to accommodate 1,700 inmates across three distinct centres designed for both male and female cohorts with varying security levels, the Clarence Correctional Centre will feature:

  • Industry areas;
  • Commercial kitchens;
  • Dental and Health facilities;
  • Community centres consisting of libraries, gymnasiums, classrooms, art spaces and hairdressers;
  • Grounds and horticulture facilities;
  • Waste processing facilities; and
  • a variety of accommodation types and administrative facilities throughout.

We care deeply about the services we provide and the communities we serve. To meet the needs of inmates and deliver a high level of service to the NSW Government, we want to work together with businesses to facilitate rehabilitation outcomes and ensure the successful operation of these facilities through a robust supply chain.

Due to open in mid-2020, Serco will operate the Clarence Correctional Centre over a 20-year contract with the NSW Government, offering long-term industry partnership opportunities for businesses.  

Partnerships to support our rehabilitation and reintegration strategy

Clarence Correctional Centre will provide inmates with the opportunity to participate in meaningful work experiences that will facilitate training and qualification outcomes.

The centre is equipped with over 4000 square metres of industry space, facilitating a range of fabrication and assembly operations.

By partnering with Serco to support our rehabilitation and reintegration strategy, your business can assist in ensuring that the work experiences, skills, training and qualification outcomes gained by inmates are as relevant as possible to comparative industries, and in so doing help your business grow.

Take a look at how one of our great industry partnerships is making a positive difference for the men at Kohuora Auckland South Corrections Facility. 

Partnerships to support the successful operation of the Centre    

The Clarence Correctional Centre will require the procurement of a variety of goods and services to meet the needs of inmates, staff and support facility operations, including:

  • Cleaning Equipment, Consumables and Agents;
  • Grounds and Horticulture Equipment and Consumables;
  • Activities Equipment and Consumables;
  • Catering Consumables and Foodstuffs;
  • Industrial Consumables;
  • Office Consumables and Administrative Supplies;
  • Facilities Management Consumables; and
  • Subcontracted Services.

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