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Serco Middle East Realising our government’s visions by designing, developing and maintaining world-class experiences and services for everyone.

In the Middle East, Serco employs more than 4,500 people across four countries including the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iraq. Here we operate in the sectors of Transport, Healthcare, Citizen Services, Defence and Justice and Immigration.

We are Serco

Find out more about Serco in the Middle East and how we help bring national visions to life

We are ExperienceLab

ExperienceLab is Serco’s user-centred research and design agency. Find out more about how we help organisations use the unique understanding of data and insights to design, evolve and adapt services to cater to their end-users and deliver world-class experiences.

Where we work


Serco supports international and regional airports to provide safe and efficient services to civilian, commercial and military entities, with passenger experience a top priority. With global and local experience across multiple services from facilities and asset management to air traffic control to user centred design for new or upgraded airports, clients can benefit from multiple service packages or our total airport management solution to optimise and improve airport operations. We have years of experience in the design, operation and maintenance of heavy rail, light rail, and trams in the region.


From the operational management of hospitals to the optimisation of patient experience, we are committed to supporting the delivery of better healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

Government Services

Through highly secure and regulated best practice and standards, we deliver optimisations that improve citizen happiness through enhancing the quality of government services. We drive operational and cost efficiency on key services through process improvement, innovation and transforming citizen experience. A user-centred approach is taken across all aspects of service delivery within contact and call centres, complex case management and digital transformation contracts.


Trusted by military organisations to deliver critical support services and operate sensitive facilities across the world across sea, land, air and space. From O&M of the Navy’s vessels to base and logistics management for paramilitary and national defence clients.

Justice and Immigration

Serco’s global capabilities extend across border protection, immigration secure detention, prisoner escort and case management which, when combined, enhance the security of the nations within which we work.

What we do

Fire and Rescue Services

We improve citizen and resident safety through fire and rescue consultancy, training and operations

Asset Management

Our end to end integrated solution can transform the operations and maintenance of your assets to deliver higher levels of performance.

Facilities Management

We maintain and operate businesses, malls and residential communities across the Middle East

Workforce Management

We ensure the right people are in the right place, at the right time and with the right skillset to deliver optimised service excellence to our clients and their customers.


We understand the importance of the government visions of the countries in which we work and we are dedicated to developing nationals into future leaders.

Customer Experience

We help organisations to design, transform and deliver experiences that make their customers happy

Middle East Perspectives