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Global Tactical Advanced Communication Systems II (GTACS II)

Contract Number:  W15P7T-17-D-0107

Points Of Contact:
Program Manager
Michael Girard
[email protected] 

Contract Manager:
Dawn Whitehorne
[email protected]          

Period of Performance: 1/6/2020 – 1/5/2030

Ceiling: $5.1B

Primary NAICS: 334220 - Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing

Contract Types: FFP, CPFF


The US Army's Program Executive Office Command, Control and Communications-Tactical (PEO C3T), and Project Manager Tactical Network (PM Tactical Network) is obtaining systems, hardware, software, services, and data for Global Tactical Advanced Communication System (GTASC II).

C3T develops or procures hardware and software that can be integrated, tested, fielded and supported as networked battle command solutions. C3T systems includes all programs, projects and products managed within PEO C3T, its Project Managers (PMs), Product Managers (PdMs) and Product Directors (PDs). This program vehicle may be used by other agencies and organizations in support of their missions.

C3T systems hardware includes, but is not limited to products, systems, and subsystems such as:

  • Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router (NIPR)
  • Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS)
  • Secure Internet Protocol Router (SIPR)
  • CENTCOM Regional Intelligence Exchange System (CENTRIX)
  • Commercial and Net Equipment, Tactical Communications Platforms
  • Mobile Broadband Global Area Network Access Capabilities (MBAC)
  • Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Terminals (Large, Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT), Hand Held)

Required services for GTACS II includes:

  • Systems engineering
  • Hardware and software engineering
  • Development
  • Maintenance
  • Software Development
  • Sustainment and Support
  • Program management and analysis
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technical Field Assistance
  • Product and Subsystem Integration
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Information operations/Assurance Support
  • Fielding and Training
  • Facilities Management
  • Administrative Support
  • Help Desk
  • In-House Engineering Support and On-site Engineering Support 

These services may be performed in conjunction with new and existing Government system of systems, family of systems, platforms, systems, subsystems and items and any Government application of C3T. Also included in scope are hardware, software, services and data associated with secure communications such as:

  • Crypto security
  • Transmission security
  • Emission security
  • Traffic-flow security
  • Physical security              

GTACS II also includes research, development, acquisition, fielding and sustainment of:

  • Automated air and missile defense command and control systems
  • Network infrastructure
  • Army Tactical Shelters
  • Power supply requirements
  • Cooling, heating and dehumidification equipment components 

Any directly related equipment or integration and/or support services for items that are within scope of the PEO C3T mission are included within GTACS II.