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Serco helps defense clients sustain strategic advantage by leveraging expertise in AI, autonomy, cyber, hypersonics, and space. Next-generation solutions

Extending the realm of the possible

Near-peer strategic competitors are investing in a range of technologies that have the potential to destabilize regional security and create vulnerabilities for long-established weapons platforms and military doctrine. Cycle times for innovation in artificial intelligence, autonomy, and cyber warfare have accelerated the pace at which new capabilities are developed. Failure to anticipate and meet these challenges could lead to conflicts with catastrophic consequences.

Serco is helping our clients develop next-generation solutions that will be essential to match and overwhelm the capabilities of any adversary. 

AI & Machine Learning

Given the rapid pace of commercial innovation in AI, Serco maintains a range of partnerships with emerging technology providers to adapt and curate mission-ready capabilities that meet the most urgent national security priorities.

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We employ natural language processing to eliminate repetitive tasks and extract intelligence from large datasets. We have developed machine learning algorithms that automate the sustainment and maintenance of weapons platforms. We are providing research and development support for the use of AI in targeting, tracking, and guidance systems of next-generation weapons. We have developed AI agents to create more realistic simulations of adversary behaviors in wargaming and training exercises. And we are helping apply AI to video processing for both offensive and defensive purposes.

All these applications have the potential to enable warfighters to make faster, more accurate decisions under dynamic conditions while providing leaders with a more comprehensive view of a fast-evolving battlespace to optimize military assets and counter threats.  Learn more about Serco's Tech Trakr Machine Learning Analytics platform.


Intelligent autonomous systems are a critical area of investment for the defense community with the potential to determine the balance of power across land, sea, air, and space operations. Serco is working closely with the Navy to develop the next generation of surface and subsurface autonomous vessels with customers, including the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, and the Naval Information Warfare Center.

Autonomous systems have the potential to transform how naval power is projected and help defend against emerging threats, using air, surface, and submarine assets. Distributed, persistent sensors can vastly expand situational awareness.

Swarming capabilities using large numbers of unmanned, lower-cost systems can be employed offensively or defensively to overwhelm an adversary. Autonomous agents can provide battlespace intelligence or engage in missions without risking human lives in high-threat environments.

Serco supports our clients through both evolutionary approaches that will supplement and enhance established strategies and platforms and disruptive approaches with which the military can use these technologies to project or defend against asymmetric threats. Many of the core technologies are advancing outside of the military sector, meaning that our approach must be expansive and adaptive to the specific needs of our clients.

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Cyber Warfare

Adversaries continually develop and test strategies to disrupt the sophisticated networks at the heart of modern warfare, including C5I, navigation and guidance systems, and weapons systems. Serco’s experts in cyber risk assessment and mitigation strategies help our clients stay ahead of the curve as cyber prowess gains equal importance with kinetic capabilities in determining control of the battlespace. We combine engineering, cyber, and operations expertise to bridge the gap between operator needs, technology, and tactical impact – putting the security in DevSecOps.

Serco has provided cyber risk assessment and hardening support ranging from legacy platforms such as the B-52 and F-15 to next-generation hypersonic missiles and the nuclear-armed Long-Range Stand-Off Weapon (LRSO). We collaborate with clients to identify near-term tactical solutions that enable the warfighter to detect intrusions, launch countermeasures, and “fight through the attack.” At the same time, we help infuse cybersecurity into tactical data links and establish common standards early in the acquisition cycle so that industry partners have a clear baseline to reduce costs and improve interoperability.


Serco supports efforts to develop the next generation of hypersonic missiles, so our defense clients can field weapons with unmatched capabilities and a well-defined concept of operations.

We support research and development in the application of machine learning to enhance tracking and guidance algorithms required with weapons traveling at 20 times the speed of sound.

We provided a range of support to the AGM 183 Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW), including aircraft-weapon integration, testing and flight test management, risk management, and flight termination systems. Our cyber protection experts ensure that new weapons systems and their underlying technologies are cyber hardened against any adversary.

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Space has become a new frontier for strategic competition as commercial exploitation of space-based communication, surveillance, and manufacturing has grown exponentially. Serco has a long tradition of supporting space operations for the US and allied nations. We operate and manage advanced systems that maintain space domain awareness and provide cyber support for a range of space missions.

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