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Serco Awarded $38 Million Modification on U.S. Army Career Transition Contract

Published: 2 Aug 2012

Serco Inc., a provider of professional, technology, and management services to the federal government, announced today that the Company has received a modification which will expand the work on its Army Career Alumni Program (ACAP) contract to provide career transition services to all Soldiers in the U.S. Army.  The contract modification is valued at $38 million over the two remaining option years.

Under this contract modification, Serco will integrate the requirements set forth by the Army Transition Implementation Plan, resulting in new blended transition training and services for U.S. Soldiers.  Critical to this effort will be the provision of ACAP support to members of the Army National Guard and Army Reserves.  The Company will establish transition support teams that will travel to unit locations and mobilization and demobilization sites to provide ACAP services.  The scope of this contract modification also includes improvements to the ACAP suite of automated resources, creation of new instructional materials, and establishment of a permanent ACAP center in Kuwait.  Serco expects to hire approximately 250 additional employees at locations around the world to enable the delivery of these enhanced services.

Serco's ACAP services include face-to-face and help desk support at 53 ACAP locations across the United States, Korea, Italy and Germany, along with a virtual counseling environment.  The virtual counseling capability replicates the same experience found in-person at an ACAP center, and allows counseling and support to be provided remotely to participants who are unable to visit an ACAP center.      

"We stand behind the Army's initiative to expand the career transition services, and are proud to support all Soldiers who have done their part in defending our country," said Steve Sultan, Vice President of Serco's Defense Personnel Services unit.  "We have 22 years of experience providing these personnel services and will be able to use our expertise to support the Army Guard and Army Reserves."