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Serco Committed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Principles

Published: 14 Mar 2022

Serco Inc., a provider of professional, technology, engineering, and management services primarily to the U.S. and Canadian Federal Governments, is committed to delivering performance across Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).   Serco announced at their recent leadership conference that Mike Marston, Serco’s Director of Health, Safety, Environment & Risk was promoted to a newly created position as Vice President of ESG.  Marston will ensure that Serco leads and operates with the utmost integrity, and in a way that is responsible and consistent with the broader interests of society as defined by the ESG principles.    

With the ESG landscape evolving at a rapid rate in the U.S. and Canada, Serco has been dedicated to being at the forefront on addressing its responsibilities and tracking its performance across relevant ESG areas. Serco has been actively involved in sharing and discussing best practices within the federal government contractor industry.  Recently, Serco chaired an ESG discussion with multiple industry sectors as part of the Greater Washington Board of Trade’s Executive Roundtable.  sercoGreensteps, Serco’s environmental initiative that fosters a sustainable future in the natural surroundings in the communities where the company does business, recently held a beach clean-up in San Diego, CA and has scheduled a park clean-up in Herndon, VA in conjunction with Earth Day.  For the past few years and continuing into this year, Serco has dedicated internships focused on ESG.  ESG sits at the very heart of what Serco does - delivering superb public services that transform outcomes and make a positive difference for clients and their customers. 

Our parent company, Serco Group plc, has reported Serco’s position and performance across Environmental, Social and Governance criteria since 2003, recognizing the relevance to our profitability and sustainability of all that Serco does in those areas.  The latest report can be found at