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Acquisition and Program Management

Serco has a successful history of advising, designing, integrating, and delivering major new platforms for all military services within the Department of Defense (DoD), Federal civilian agencies, and the Intelligence Community, to transform how our customers achieve their missions. We are a leader in support for procurement, production management, and integration engineering for maritime customers, having supported every major new surface vessel class for the U.S. Navy in the past four decades.

Maritime Acquisition Support

The U.S. Navy is in a period of accelerated adaptation and innovation in order to maintain American fleet superiority in a time of rising great power competition and to anticipate and respond to the next generation of weapons including unmanned and autonomous surface and submersibles, hypersonic missiles, cyberwarfare, and other emerging threats and opportunities.

Serco offers our customers a unique depth of expertise in developing the strategy for a successful procurement and taking it all the way through the budget, bidding, and award cycle. As a vendor-neutral services company with a signature agile engineering approach, we help our customer rapidly adapt to changes in the threat, technology, and funding environment in support of mission objectives.

We continue to support our customers through the process of contracting, integration, delivery, testing, and training for new vessels, weapons systems, and C5I systems. Our bench strength in naval architecture and naval engineering provides critical IP support required for highly complex projects with evolving technology platforms. Our overriding goal is to help meet sensitive budget and delivery milestones to advance naval capability and advantage.

Our team has supported international clients in the UK, Canada, Australia, Israel and elsewhere on projects spanning research, military, and non-military vessels, including surface and submarines.

Defense and Intelligence Procurement Support

We deliver program management and system support services across the full acquisition lifecycle from requirements validation and concept development through to deployment/fielding, sustainment, and disposal.

Serco’s integrated approach covers acquisition management, systems engineering, logistics planning, business program support, concept development, requirements analysis, and lifecycle management.  Our proven capabilities yield billions of dollars of government cost avoidance and performance improvements for customers worldwide.

We support our defense and intelligence customers in acquiring, maintaining, and managing mission-critical systems and services including C5ISR, SatCom, radar, aircraft, ground, and munitions systems, as well as for base modernization, logistics and mission support activities.

Serco’s support services include program management, strategic planning and quality assurance, cost estimating, financial management and analysis, systems/software engineering, management information systems, and data management including modelling, warehousing, integration, and analytics. 

Response and Recovery Services

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Key Facts in the Americas

  • We support the DDG 51 program office, team submarine, and the PMS 377 large-deck amphibious warfare ships with procurement and production management services.
  • We support the U.S. Navy “Price Fighter” program by delivering contracting officers with the tools to make sure taxpayers are getting full value for their money.
  • We support the intelligence community in the U.S. with the acquisition of new capabilities that help to sustain intelligence and cyber superiority.