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Naval Design and Engineering

Serco provides comprehensive design and engineering services to support next-generation capabilities and the modernization and sustainment of core weapons systems, including surface ships, submarines, amphibious, aircraft, ground, and unmanned platforms.

We provide design and integration support, including:

  • Concept, preliminary, contract functional, and detail design services
  • Systems engineering
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • Set-Based Design
  • Specialty Design Services – topside design, EMI/EMX, RADHAZ, Ship Signatures, Human Systems, UNREP Systems
  • Acoustic Engineering
  • Cyber assessment & cyber hardening
  • Software engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • C4I modernization
  • Weapons systems modernization
  • Hardware integration engineering

Preeminent Naval Designers

Serco’s team has played a role in every major U.S. Navy ship program in the past 40 years and maritime design for a range of international shipbuilding programs, spanning naval, research, and civilian ships.  In Canada, Serco is uniquely positioned to support the National Shipbuilding Strategy by providing design and engineering services to the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Coast Guard, and other customers.

We work across all ship classes, including surface ships, craft, aircraft carriers, and submarines. We are a leader in applying A.I. and advanced analytics to design unmanned, autonomous vessels and improve naval platforms' sustainability and combat effectiveness. Our subject matter experts serve as trusted partners of their government counterparts providing integrated engineering support for the most advanced weapons and C4I systems.

  • Naval Architecture – Our naval architects apply decades of experience and intelligent automation to help our clients design, develop, and verify the ships and submersibles that are redefining the future of naval warfare.
  • Marine Engineering – We offer comprehensive engineering services to optimize every mission-critical system and component, including advanced approaches to propulsion, displacement, stability, and hydrodynamic performance.
  • Structural Engineering – We design the hull and internal structures to ensure the longevity, survivability, producibility, and cost of ships, with an ultimate focus on mission performance and the safety of servicemen and women.
  • Comprehensive Lifecycle Support – Serco’s world-class engineers support the modernization and sustainment of the fleet, including inspection, performance evaluation, repair, maintenance, and optimizing the cost of ownership.

Key facts

  • With over 1,000 engineers and naval design experts, we are at the forefront of helping the Navy develop unmanned surface and underwater capabilities and apply A.I. in novel ways to maintain force superiority.
  • Serco's naval design and engineering team support multiple ship design programs, including the U.S. Navy's DDG(X), FFG 62, DDG 1000, LCS, DDG 51 destroyer program office, team submarine, PMS 317and the PMS 377 large-deck amphibious warfare ships.
  • Serco’s Advanced Platform Engineering Team utilized advanced engineering methods and tools to develop concepts and preliminary designs for DARPA’s “No Mariners” (NOMARS) Program.
  • Serco provides prototyping, engineering, and acquisition support for the Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office.
  • Serco provides system engineering and cyber services to develop the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle to be used by the Army and Marine Corps as a replacement for the Humvee.
  • In Canada, Serco has supported the development of the Royal Canadian Navy's Joint Support Ship, the Halifax Class Patrol Frigates, the Canadian Coast Guard's Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels, and fully electric green ferries in Ontario. (Learn More)
  • Serco is committed to providing quality technical solutions that meet or exceed customer requirements.  Serco maintains discriminating professional certifications:
  • We have also supported a range of allied forces, including the Royal Canadian Navy and maritime programs in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Israel.