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Naval Design and Engineering

Serco has unparalleled experience in total integrated ship design. Our team has played a role in every major U.S. Navy ship program in the past 40 years, as well as maritime design for a range of international shipbuilding programs, spanning naval, research, and civilian ships.

We work across all major ship platforms including surface ships, submarines, amphibious, and unmanned surface and underwater vessels. We are known for applying our hardware-agnostic, agile engineering approach to new ship design, fleet modernization, and sustainment to meet exacting time and budget parameters. We are a leader in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to expedite delivery of new ships and sustain the combat effectiveness and viability of existing core naval platforms. Our subject matter experts are known and trusted partners to their government counterparts.

  • Naval Architecture — With four decades of experience, our naval architects are experts in the design, development, and verification of complex ships and marine structures against today’s distinct and exacting performance specifications. 
  • Marine Engineering — We provide design and integration support for mission-critical systems and components to optimize function, space, weight, ruggedness, survivability, maintainability, cost, and performance. Our expertise spans the most advanced approaches to power distribution and propulsion, displacement, stability, and hydrodynamic performance.
  • Structural Engineering — Structural integrity is key to longevity, survivability, and the safety of our service men and women. We design the hull and internal structure for strength as well as other factors, including weight, producibility, cost, and more.
  • Comprehensive Lifecycle Support — Serco’s world-class engineers are an important discriminator in our fleet modernization and sustainment offering. They provide inspection, performance evaluation, support, repair, maintenance, and ownership cost evaluation of systems and component equipment items.

Key facts

  • Serco’s naval design and engineering team supports multiple programs including the support the U.S. Navy’s DDG 51 destroyer program office, team submarine, and the PMS 377 large-deck amphibious warfare ships
  • We have also supported a range of allied forces including the Royal Canadian Navy and maritime programs in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Israel