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Guiding Extended Range Artillery in GPS denied environments

The challenge

The Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA) represents the next evolution of field artillery, able to strike targets at 43 miles away, more than twice the distance of existing weapons. This potentially could provide the US Army with a decisive advantage to destroy targets out of range of enemy systems. But the GPS-guided munitions used by ERCA could be vulnerable in an environment where adversaries use electronic jamming to interfere with GPS signals and satellites.

Our solution

The extended range cannon uses a 59-caliber, 30-foot gun with a precision-guided munition guided by GPS to its target. Serco was tasked with developing a method of making the ERCA resilient in the event of a GPS denial attack on the battlefield. We developed a fire control software solution that enables ERCA to default to a radar-based system that can track the round in flight and guide it to the target. Using this approach, the Army would have the ability to fight through the jamming of GPS systems while maintaining the extended range capabilities of the ERCA platform. The ability to maintain operations under a full range of scenarios was considered crucial to potential combat scenarios.

Outcomes that matter

The ERCA system is an essential element of the Army's Long-Range Precision Fires program, a top priority in its modernization efforts. Serco is proud to assist with developing an effective, low-cost resiliency for what could be a decisive future capability.

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