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Providing an edge in digital warfare through machine learning

The challenge

In many potential conflicts, controlling the digital battlespace of sensors, radar, C5I systems, and enabling infrastructure could be more decisive in determining outcomes than kinetic capabilities. In addition to hardening against adversaries’ cyber-attacks, the military must develop the ability to deter aggression through a credible capacity to dominate the digital battlespace. However, essential information is often buried deep in disparate technical documents challenging for human actors to source and compile.

Our solution

Serco has collaborated with the Department of Defense to employ natural language processing and machine learning techniques to search for, dissect, and extract source information from public and non-public sources and assemble it into actionable data that can be exploited. These algorithms can scour a far more comprehensive range of documents than any human agent, accurately identify objects of interest, and then compile characteristics and technical data used to model these systems and supporting infrastructure.

Serco employed our Agile Innovation approach to assemble experts in machine learning, software engineering, and advanced data analysis to enrich the database of entities that could be exploited with a range of potential adversaries. These tools allowed the client to dramatically increase the efficiency with which they could build models of the items of interest, identify vulnerabilities, and develop effective countermeasures.

Outcomes that matter

As the range of adversaries with capabilities in digital warfare grows, this has placed sensors, communications systems, and networks at the forefront. Future conflicts may be decided even before they have begun or avoided because of the existence of a credible threat. Serco will support our defense clients with the latest advances in natural language processing, machine learning, and data fusion to maintain their edge in the digital battlespace.

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