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Whether intelligent transport systems, aviation services, fleet management, heavy rail, light rail, fleet management or parking, we are committed to delivering the best performing transportation systems.

Building capacity and delivering world leading transportation systems

In North America, Serco operates some of the most advanced transportation systems in the world by combining proven technologies and efficient operations with an unparalleled focus on service excellence.

On the ground, we are able to keep people and commerce moving with expertise in Intelligent Transportation Systems and an integrated approach to regional transport.

In the air, Serco brings decades of safe and efficient air traffic control services and has credentials in air traffic safety training not matched by any other non-government entity.

When you work with Serco, you are able to leverage a base of knowledge and experience developed across North America and the world. Serco’s global transportation team is renowned by many as a leader in technology, safety, and satisfaction.

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  • We have over 30 years’ experience developing and operating intelligent transportation systems including traffic cameras, sensors, and digital traffic message boards, with 99.3% availability covering national highways, state-wide transportation networks, major cities, counties, and municipalities.

  • With a decades long track record of air traffic control excellence in the U.S., we are the only commercial provider to encompass the three disciplines of tower operations, approach control, and en route centers.

  • Further afield, Serco can lay claim to the world’s largest fully automated driverless metro system that is also one of the best performing systems in the world.

  • We also manage the air traffic control at the largest international air hub in the world, Dubai, which has grown to serve 67 million passengers a year.

  • We are the first and only non-governmental entity that has been authorized to certify air traffic control specialists by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

  • We provide air traffic control at 85 aviation sites across the globe.

  • We set up and run the world’s first wireless tramway project powered by a ground-based electricity supply system.

  • We are responsible for the rail system that has been ranked with the highest customer satisfaction scores in the United Kingdom.

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Intelligent Transport Systems

Enable our customers to define a vision of an advanced intelligent transportation system that best suits their needs, roll it out quickly, achieve high levels of efficiency and safety from day one.

Air Navigation Services

Provide a range of critical air navigation services and build domestic air traffic control capacity to support air traffic growth in partnership with our aviation customers. 

Fleet Management

Provides onsite, dedicated fleet management solutions for utilities, government organizations, and commercial customers looking to reduce costs and improve both operational performance and asset utilization.

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