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Digital platforms

Our state-of-the-art digital platforms combining cutting edge technology with invaluable expertise, whether it is the ECLIPSE Software Suite helping our clients to achieve higher efficiency and control over their space missions, or the ONDA DIAS cloud platform for Earth Observation (EO) enabling the exploitation of EO data to adopt, build or enhance applications and services based on geospatial data and information. 

ECLIPSE Software Suite

The ECLIPSE software suite helps space project and mission teams achieve higher efficiency. If better coordination, control and compliance with applicable quality standards are your goals, ECLIPSE is the tool for you. ECLIPSE is the only collaborative suite of integrated applications designed with the invaluable experience of space industry professionals. The ECLIPSE Software Suite is instrumental to the successful operations of numerous (inter)national Space Agencies, Large Platform System Integrators and SMEs across Europe. For more information about the ECLIPSE Software Suite and the associated services, visit our dedicated ECLIPSE website.

Why our customers choose the ECLIPSE Software Suite?

  • Experience the future of space project & mission management

  • Streamline user experience

  • Rely on tested and proven solutions

  • Centralise project insight with real time dashboards and reports

  • Simplify planning

  • Get the right fit for your business

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ONDA is a cloud -based platform enabling users to host data and to build their applications. We achieve this by fostering the exploitation of the freely available Earth Observation (EO) satellites data and geospatial information and by providing access to services for the development of new solutions. For more information about the ONDA DIAS cloud solution and its services, visit our dedicated ONDA DIAS website.

Why our customers choose ONDA?

  • Full availability of all Copernicus data

  • Customisable solutions for diverse requirements and levels of expertise

  • All data, information, applications and transactions are securely protected

  • Innovative data access technology allowing users to easily extract only the needed product information

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