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Engineering services

Within our engineering services, our team will work with your staff to provide the answers that meet your company’s demands. We will support you to find the best solution for your needs and help you through all stages of transformation in a variety of ways, including:

  • Analyzing and thinking creatively and critically to identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Focusing on the people who will be using the technology and solving problems before they arise.

  • Working collaboratively with your team to create new products and services.

  • Keeping you informed throughout your project so that there are no surprises.

Our engineers are passionate about the power of technology and are always looking for ways to improve how it works for people, businesses, and societies. Our current services consist of Requirement Engineering, Testing, Software & Product Assurance, Systems Engineering. More details about these services are below.

Find out more about the Engineering services we provide:

Requirement engineering

With the rapid rate of advancement in technology, it has become difficult to keep up with the demands of this industry. Requirements Engineering (RE) encompasses all activities that are necessary to elicit, document, analyze, validate and manage user needs as they relate to a system or service throughout its life-cycle.

However, Requirements Engineering can be quite challenging to master and it is important that you understand the basics of RE. Requirements elicitation is a key element in any development project. It has been widely recognized as an activity that provides subject matter experts with information about customer needs and expectations and thus can be considered to hold a crucial role in engineering.

The team at Serco Europe is capable of helping you with your requirements engineering service. We have the best engineers, innovative approach, and recognized engineering expertise required for your complex space programmes and missions.

  • SMART requirements definition, maintenance and management across the system/service lifecycle

  • Requirements elicited through full stakeholder engagement and a combination of: use-case/business process analysis, literature review, workshops, one-to-one interviews

  • Requirements fully justified and traceable, enabling rapid requirement trade impact assessment

  • Requirements recorded using appropriate tools such as DOORS


Testing, Verification and Validation is the process that ensures that the end product meets the requirements of their respective standards. This includes testing for performance and functionalities, verification to ensure compliance with specification/designs, and validation to prove conformance against standard/specifications. These services are performed before the end product is released into the market.

  • Assembly Integration and Testing/Verification (AIT/AIV) services at all levels mechanical, electrical, functional and optical

  • Definition of tests of system performance & functions including definition of Assembly, Manufacturing, and Integration Plans, Test Specifications, Test Procedures, Test Results

  • Independent assessment of standard/specification/design to determine whether they are fully defined and implementable

  • Independent assessment of end solution’s conformance to standard/specification/design

Software and product assurance

Software and Product Assurance is a service that allows software to be created according to standards, ensuring that it has been built correctly. Software and Product Assurance helps clients assess their needs for the future as well as those of their current system, assists with establishing what those needs are, and then provides an answer. In other words, it ensures that your business will not suffer from technology issues in the future. It also manages any present non-compliances or problems you may have with your current system.

This service will manage your requirements throughout the development process, ensuring that these are met through each stage. It will do this through the use of formal methods, functional analysis and so on. It also will provide a complete analysis to be used throughout the entire life cycle of your chosen product or system This service is suitable for any company that wishes to have its software and hardware built correctly.

  • Planning, implementation and verification and validation in terms of software levels (unit, system & integration) and methods (demonstration, test, analysis, inspection and special qualification methods)

  • Development of test-cases based upon requirements and use-cases

  • Assessment of software/system requirements, architectures and standards to determine whether they are fully defined and implementable

  • Assessment of software functionality, performance and interoperability against architecture, requirements and standards in a series of iterative stages (either manual or automatic)

  • Implementation of tailored reviews to assess progress and quality across the lifecycle

  • Non conformances management

  • Advice and implementation of changes as a result of non-compliance (change of usage/environment, design or production fault)

  • Maintenance of configuration of the system/service 

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