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Ground Segment Infrastructure Operations

Across Europe, Serco provides infrastucure operations, including flexible and dependable IT and engineering services for satellite operations. 

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Payload Data Networks and Systems (PDNS)

Serco manages the Earth Observation technical infrastructure at ESA's European Space Research Institute (ESRIN), which includes the Data Centre; Earth Observation Data Preservation systems; Antenna and associated Laboratory; the Control Room for Earth Observation Payloads (CREOP); and the Virtual Reality Theatre.

This managed service is part of the wider Earth Observation Payload Data Network through which ESA’s Earth Observation data is distributed worldwide.

Network Operations Centre (NOC) services

Serco is responsible for the Network Operations Centre (NOC) services at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC).The Network Operations Centre provides the 24h/7 remote operations services of the ESTRACK ground station network. As part of this service, Serco provides the first line Operations Control Centre (OCC) maintenance and operations services at ESOC. 

We manage the Operational Computer and Communications Infrastructure and ESTRACK ground stations for the European Space Agency at European Space Operations Centre (ESOC). This infrastructure supports operational and support systems including Ground stations, Mission Control, Flight Dynamics, Simulators, Mission analysis, general  support, Firewalls, Network and systems management facilities and Operational communications network for data and voice services.

Serco’s IT team in Kourou provides a fully managed Corporate IT service to the French National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) that ensures all corporate functions operate effectively and efficiently in this remote part of the World. The service covers the management of CNES's information systems and services to over 1,000 users with launch campaign support when needed.