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Serco in Space

Serco is among the leading Space Industry and Services Companies. We have over 40 years’ experience in the space sector: Since the creation of the European Space Agency (ESA), our employees have been providing everyday their technical, scientific and management skills to the full range of European cornerstone space missions.

Serco’s extensive Space offering includes a wide range of operational services and systems engineering provision across Europe. We have a dedicated and skilled Space community that makes a difference every day. 

Serco has been providing support services to the European Space Agency for over 40 years supporting many significant Interplanetary, Earth Observation and Astronomical space missions. Our activities range from the preparation for real-time satellites operations, data processing, archiving dissemination and exploitation. Our employees are key to ensuring the good health of the spacecraft, ground based systems and the successful outcome of the mission.

What we offer 

We are able to provide end-to-end operations and support the entire lifecycle of the sattelite, from conception to launch.  In Europe, Serco provides Front End and User Services, Satellite & Ground Systems Engineering and Operations, support to astronomy and planetary missions along with their scientific archives, Data Processing and Quality Control, Earth Observation Data Access and Exploitation, Ground Segment Infrastructure operations.

If you are looking for support with Earth Observation operations, Spacecraft Management, Ground Segment Infrastructure Operations as well as Engineering and Scientific Services: we are the right partner to help you. 


What we can do for you 

Earth Observation

We provide a wide range of Earth Observation services accross Europe. 

Spacecraft Management

We can support you with spacecraft management operations. 

Ground Segment Infrastructure Operations

We provide Ground Segment Infrastructure Operations. 

Ground Segment Engineering and Scientific Services

We provide Ground Segment Engineering and Scientific Services.