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Serco now has strong maritime capabilities in Europe, offering specialised support for Belgian and Dutch Navy vessels, where we provide preventive and corrective maintenance solutions for technical electronic and mechanical systems. Maritime Services

Serco operates, supports, and maintains more than 1,000 ships and small craft at more than 30 locations worldwide, from small support boats to the newest generation of icebreakers and the most complex submarines.

Serco manages numerous types of maritime vessels compliantly and cost-effectively, we have a permanent port footprint across regions, and our skilled workforce can operate in various maritime environments. 

Serco is also one of Australia's leading maritime operators as we provide commercial crews to operate naval support vessels that support the Royal Australian Navy. With a strong track record of delivering services across the most demanding, intricate, and sensitive solutions, Serco also provides essential support to the Australian Defence Force, both in-country and within deployed forces worldwide.

Vessel Maintenance and Support in Europe

Serco now has strong maritime capabilities in Europe, offering specialised support for Belgian & Dutch Navy vessels, where we provide preventive and corrective maintenance solutions for technical electronic and mechanical systems. By utilising our skilled workforce and our comprehensive workshop, we can offer an extensive list of maintenance solutions and services to governmental, industrial, and commercial customers alike.

Serco maritime services in Europe provide a wide range of services, including technical vessel maintenance, installation works, and special maritime equipment and products.

Serco maintenance services include:

  • Operation and maintenance support for the Naval fleet

  • Operation and maintenance support for land and air defence systems

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of:

  • Electric and electronic systems

  • Communication systems

  • Sonar devices

  • Mine detection equipment

  • X-ray scanning systems

  • Radar and electro-optical units.

As a prime supplier for the Navy’s maintenance and repair of several classes of ships, our maintenance and repair capabilities are extensive and range from support in Electronics, Electrics, Mechanics and Miscellaneous.

Serco Maritime Services in Europe provide services and products to countries throughout Europe, although our primary focus is on the Benelux Governmental market. Our key customer base consists of the Belgian Navy/Ministry of Defence, Federal Police, Civil Protection and Customs.

Ability To Turn Key Projects

Our expertise and experience enable us to offer on-demand solutions tailored to our customers' needs. We take the time to understand each individual project, so we always provide exceptional results with our ability to adapt and understand complex needs and requirements.

We see ourselves as a reliable partner for the implementation of unique projects. We support our customers at all stages of a project, starting from the design and development, prototyping, production, implementation, and installation. We are also devoted to offering service and maintenance for the project’s duration. 

The Serco team of experts is here to find the right solution for you - let us know what you need, and we will make it happen.

A global experience with an historic portfolio in Maritime Services

For over 20 years, Serco has also provided maritime Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) support services to the Royal Navy in the UK. With a vast experience in delivering challenging and delicate maritime support operations to the Royal Navy and other UK government departments, we have become fully responsible for the complete range of services for the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service (RMAS).

We also have a support network spread across the Asia Pacific, providing a prompt response in diverse locations, including environmentally significant areas, industrial ports, and remote areas. The vessels and support craft we deploy serve a variety of inshore and offshore projects, including search and recovery.

Serco is confident that its experience and knowledge accumulated over the years will be helpful to wider nations. Serco is ready to take on any project, no matter the size, which is why we have extended our inclusive and solid marine capabilities to Europe as we increase our worldwide influence and support.  

Maritime products

Known for providing quality maritime products internationally, our highly qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced maritime team offers an unparalleled set of skills. We have extensive experience in technical maritime capabilities.

Here are some of the maritime products that Serco offers.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

AUVs are designed for cost-effective underwater surveys. The lightweight, portable machines can be launched, operated, and recovered with a minimal operational setup. Essential components include a communications system, computer system, and basic navigation sensors, and the capabilities increase as optional payload modules are added.

Unmanned Surface Vehicles

As unmanned vehicles, USVs can be used for marine and other investigations. Any sensor can be embedded in the vehicle with an open architecture and wireless communications. Pilot stations provide real-time visual display and control of the vehicle from shore.

Sonar Devices

Serco is the distributor and European service centre for side-scan sonar systems of Marine Sonic inc. Marine Sonic Technology (MST) is a premier domestic and international supplier of Side Scan and Collision Avoidance Sonars and Depth Sounders/Altimeters.
With the help of our Serco global maritime community and maritime equipment: innovative approaches, capabilities, operations support, and service quality are enhanced while at the same time delivering the best value for money.

Our people's stories

No two days are the same for Martine, who works for the logistic service of the Belgian Navy (NAVLOG) at the Naval Base Zeebrugge on behalf of Serco Maritime Services.

Martine's story