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Programme delivery and support

Our Programme delivery and support services offer unique value to all our clients

  • We deliver quality talent in a timely fashion

  • We only select candidates that are a technical match and fit your company culture and values

  • We consistently pipeline new candidates across all openings, even if they’re not actively seeking new employment, to anticipate future needs

Find out more about the Programme delivery and support services we provide:

Flexible workforce solutions

In response to the business agility need of some of our clients (personal shortage, replacement, peak workload), we have established a Flexible Workforce Solution (between 0 – 3 months) that provides rapid access to a pool of qualified and readily available candidates in the Space and Defence domain where we operate. These workers typically fill business administration roles or logistics/facilities management roles.

Outsourced contingency workforce solutions

With the Outsourced Contingency Workforce Solutions (fixed- and long-term loan employees > 3 months), we help our clients address staffing gaps, or expertise that is not present or is inadequate within the in-house staff. This service offers the staffing flexibility, expertise and work quality companies require in today’s competitive landscape instead of incurring the cost of developing in-house competencies that are not needed on a permanent or continuous basis. We provide highly qualified and motivated talent for scientific, engineering, IT security and business roles. These assignments can last from three months to one year or more. The staff is fully integrated with the client project / programme team and, therefore, has a positive impact to the quality of the work being performed.

Independent contractors

We have established extensive networks able to provide B2B Independent Contractor Services (on hourly basis) within our specialist markets. This allows us to react to our customers needs with a view to securing the best resource available across the globe for very specific client assignments or highly specialised services within a short time. We guarantee that these independent contractors will ramp up swiftly because the skillset they are contracted for is what they specialise in and what they do nearly every day.

Project and service consultants

Serco Europe has vast experience in providing specialist Project and Service Consultants to customers in our core markets. These teams can be contracted out on an hourly basis or on Work Package level. We have built our services upon the stringent demands of space and defence projects and missions and thus ensure that our services are delivered by professionals who possess extensive knowledge and experience working with these industries to understand the needs of our customers better. Serco Europe’s areas of expertise include SW and System Engineering, EO/Remote Sensing, Satcoms, 5G, Satellite Navigation, IVV (Integration, Validation, Verification), Product and Quality Assurance, IT Security ICT (infrascture and Application level), Business processes and many more.

Outsourced service teams

By working closely with our Space clients, we have developed several outsourced specialised services (on- / off-premises, deliverables-based) that support the operations of our clients. These services extend from IT operations services ensuring the performance, reliability, availability and security of dedicated IT infrastructure to Configuration and Document Management services helping our customers become more efficient with the management, configuration and archiving of their documentation and data. A dedicated Sapienza team will be deployed to execute the required project activities under the guidance of a local project manager. Our Managed Service employees will perform their tasks and duties autonomously, completing deliverables in accordance with the client project milestones. These services can be offered on site at the client premises or from one of Serco's European establishments, typically the office in closest proximity to the client.

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