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We are a world-leading provider of immigration services in Europe, the UK and Australia Immigration

From accommodation and reception centres to housing, welfare, social care and integration services, we are committed to helping European governments sensitively assist asylum seekers upon arrival, support them through the duration of their stay and help them integrate into their local communities.

We are also responsible for operating secure detention centres on behalf of government immigration departments. Our facilities and services ensure the safe and caring detention of people who require repatriation to their home country and whose asylum applications have been rejected.

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In Europe, we operate under the ORS – a Serco company brand. ‘ORS’ stands for ‘organisation for refugee services’. We proudly support national and regional governments in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy with established offices in Spain and Greece.

ORS – a Serco company

The breadth and scope of our delivery and the innovation we bring is significant. Our services include the management of border controls, the management of reception centres, the provision of housing and welfare support services for asylum applicants, the issuing of identity documents and repatriation services as well as training for employee in the asylum sector.

"We are a trusted partner of asylum services for public sector partners. Through our flexibility, care, neutrality and loyalty, we have been making a positive impact for over 30 years."

Jürg Rötheli
Managing Director, Immigration – Europe

Jurg Rotheli

Our immigration services

years' experience
employees across Europe
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Asylum accommodation and support services

We have extensive experience in providing housing and support for asylum seekers. We ensure safety, care, and respect to some of the most vulnerable people in society while they await news on their immigration status.

Social care

We provide social care and support services to residents of our reception centres and help them every step of the way. Our specialised staff help asylum seekers go through this challenging time with the right tools. We provide leisure activities in our centres and in the community, to ensure refugees have options to structure their day. We also offer special support services to women, children and unaccompanied minors.

Integration services

Through our integration services, we explore individual potential and equip asylum seekers to live independently and integrate in their new country. We provide together with partners specific coaching to prepare them to enter the job market with language and cultural classes.

Repatriation centres

We operate repatriation centres on behalf of governments. In these facilities and services, we ensure that the people who have received a negative asylum decision and need to go back to their home country are treated with care and respect. We have no influence or position on the asylum status of the people we care for. We do not participate in any asylum status proceedings.