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Serco Europe awarded first space contract in France

Published: 12 May 2022

Serco Europe has been awarded its first framework contract to support the French public authority Service and Payment Agency’s (ASP) work for the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP).

As part of this 2-year contract (with a possible 2 year-extension), Serco will provide services for hosting and operating a cloud infrastructure for the use of satellite data, images and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to allow monitoring of agricultural parcels of land in France.

Serco will provide the latest cloud technologies through its ONDA-DIAS cloud platform for Earth Observation including access to and storage of mass satellite data, computing power for analysis based on Artificial Intelligence techniques and task automation.

This innovative service will allow the French ASP to implement continuous and automated monitoring of agricultural activity and decide on the eligibility of landowners to the CAP aid schemes. Automation of controls through the systems will reduce the on-site checks and offer a complete and qualitative coverage of the territory.

To successfully deliver satellite monitoring, Serco will partner with OVHCloud’s Public Cloud Storage to host ONDA-DIAS’ satellite data, and with Capgemini for its image processing and AI capabilities.

Arnaud Laure, Managing Director of Serco in France says “We are extremely proud to support the French Service and Payment Authority and to contribute to the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy in France through our innovative services”. He adds: “technology has a key role to play in supporting public services, and we look forward to making this collaboration a success”

Download PDF:
Serco Europe awarded first space contract in France
Serco Europe remporte un premier contrat spatial en France pour la surveillance des parcelles agricoles