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Serco partners with German university to send satellite to space

Published: 11 Jan 2022

Serco in Germany has concluded a three-year partnership with the Satellite Team of the Technical University of Darmstadt (TUDSaT e.V.). Serco is the prime and main financial sponsor of this project which will consist in students designing, manufacturing, launching, and operating a miniaturised satellite (CubeSat Satellite) to carry out space research.

The primary mission will address one of the fundamental challenges of spaceflight today: the avoidance and removal of space debris. By incorporating technologies to allow for the easy identification and localisation of space objects, TUDSaT aims to ensure safe space activities starting right from the Launch and Early Orbit Phase, which ultimately increases the probability of a successful mission. This platform design will be open source and offered as best practice for future CubeSat builds to tackle the increasing issue of Space debris.

As a leading provider of satellite operations and engineering services to space agencies in Europe, Serco will offer expertise and knowledge to support the students participating in the project and give them the chance to learn more about the world of opportunity in the space industry.

Nathalie Rooth, Managing Director of Serco in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands says “We are delighted to support this project. This partnership reaffirms Serco’s commitment to invest in the talent and innovation of students and support the local space and student communities in Darmstadt.”

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