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Serco and key Italian partners to contribute to the Italian IRIDE space programme

Published: 8 Jun 2023

Serco Europe, a space industry leader with over 40 years’ experience in supporting the space sector has been awarded nine contracts together with key Italian space partners to help realise the IRIDE space programme. 

The IRIDE space programme, led by the Italian Government and implemented by the European Space Agency with the support of the Italian Space Agency, is one of the most ambitious Earth Observation programmes in Europe. It will use advanced observation techniques to cater to various institutions, start-ups, and national industrial entities. The IRIDE programme will serve public administrations across multiple domains, including civil protection, safeguarding coasts, monitoring critical infrastructure, and weather conditions.

These new contract awards result in a successful consortium of key Italian space actors including Serco, D-Orbit, Exprivia, Planetek who now forms an industrial group with strategic players such as e-Geos, Telespazio and Leonardo who will deliver a wide range of services together. 

The IRIDE constellation is composed of low-orbit satellites in the Upstream Segment, ground-based operational infrastructure in the Downstream Segment, and Public Administration services in the Service Segment. Its technology collects and processes vast amounts of data, providing accurate and timely information to support decision-making processes in various industries.

Serco together with partners will be contributing to several segments of the IRIDE constellation especially in the ground segment, downstream and service segment. As part of the ORISIDE consortium, Serco will provide Payload Data Ground Segment and Flight Operations Segment services, Data access services, application development.

Through these exciting missions including the development of the IRIDE marketplace and the Cyber Italy platform, Serco will leverage its space capabilities in the field of data processing and exploitation, management of complex services, geoinformation solutions, advanced radar and optical data processing capabilities integrated with big data, Internet of Things, and multi-source data integration capabilities.

These partnerships and new contracts’ win further demonstrate Serco Europe’s commitment to impact the Italian and European space sectors, by teaming up with strategic players and diversifying its wide range of space support services.

Roberto Mulatti, Managing Director for Space and CEO of Serco in Italy says about these new contract awards: “Serco is proud to contribute to the IRIDE programme which is a unique opportunity to give momentum to the Italian and European space sectors by encouraging partnerships and sharing of knowledge”

Serco, Impacting a Better Future.