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Djurgårdens Färjetrafik operates Stockholm’s new environmentally friendly commuter boat line

Published: 24 Apr 2024

Serco, the international provider of services to governments, and our partners Strömma Turism & Sjöfart AB have started operation of Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) new commuter boat route 84 running between Ålstäket on northern Värmdö and Slussen and Strömkajen in Stockholm City.  

The line offers Värmdö residents the opportunity to commute to the city centre in an environmentally friendly and stress-free way. Djurgårdens Färjetrafik operates the route and SL's regular tickets are valid on board.

The route is operated by two vessels and a one-way journey for the entire route from Ålstäket via Norra Lagnö, Koviksudde, Riset and Slussen to Strömkajen takes about 70 minutes. On board there is a café, WC and free Wi-Fi, some seats have a small table which provides opportunities to work, study or surf for pleasure on board. Guests can bring bicycles, strollers and pets. The boats on commuter boat route 84 are powered by 100 percent renewable fuel, HVO100, which means a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 70-90 percent compared to fossil diesel. Regular SL tickets are valid on board.

Oscar Carheden, CEO of Djurgårdens Färjetrafik, expresses his enthusiasm for the new route: “It's a big day for Värmdö's commuters, who can now choose to take the boat to work or school. Commuter boat is an attractive and comfortable travel option that relieves our roads. The fact that you can also use the time to sit and work or study is of course another reason to choose route 84.”