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From campus to orbit: Serco's successful partnership with TU Darmstadt reaches new milestone

Published: 25 Apr 2024

Serco is proud to bridge the gap between academia and the space industry through our successful partnership with TU Darmstadt Space Technology e.V. (TUDSaT). Since December 2021, Serco in Germany has been the prime sponsor of the TUDSat CubeSat project, known as 'TRACE', enabling both organisations to collaborate and push the boundaries of space exploration.

This collaboration recently reached a key milestone with the completion of the Critical Design Review (CDR) for the TRACE project. This milestone marks a significant phase in the development of the satellite and sets the stage for the next steps in its journey—from assembly and rigorous testing to the much-anticipated satellite launch and operations.

Our commitment to this venture extends beyond financial sponsorship. Our team of expert engineers provides invaluable support and guidance to the students involved in TRACE. This hands-on engagement ensures a rich learning experience, fostering the next generation of talent in the space sector and reinforcing the importance of practical, real-world applications of academic studies.

The partnership between Serco Germany and TUDSaT is a prime example of the positive impact collaboration between the space industry and academic institutions can have. It not only advances the frontiers of science and technology but also supports the growth and development of students in Darmstadt, offering them unique opportunities to engage with cutting-edge space projects. Through initiatives like TRACE, we have been able to proudly hire some students, enabling them to start their exciting career journey in the space industry and contribute to our mission to impact a better future.. 

Stay tuned —the Serco x TU Darmstadt series marks the first time ever Serco will send a satellite into space.