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Serco renews two key contracts with CERN

Published: 18 Apr 2024

Serco, the international provider of services to governments, has signed the renewal of two contracts with the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN), marking a 30-year-long partnership. These contracts have a widened scope, strengthening Serco's long-standing commitment to supporting groundbreaking research and innovation at CERN through engineering support, maintenance for the accelerator and experiments, IT support, logistics services and cryogenic installations.

The first contract, a joint venture with COMSA, sees Serco leading Technical Support Services. This collaboration, rooted in Serco's provision of industrial support to CERN since 1997, involves the upkeep,operations, and enhancement of CERN's accelerators and technical facilities. Commencing on 1 April 2024, the five-year contract, with an option for a two-year extension, is valued at €17 million.

In the second contract, Serco will provide ICT Support Services, continuing a service delivered forthe past twenty years. This service focuses on managing and supporting the information and communication technology needs of CERN's diverse international user community. Starting on 1 April 2024, this three-year contract, with the potential for two additional two-year renewals, is valued at €9 million for the initial period.

"We are proud to continue delivering and expanding our services at CERN, always offering solutions and making an impact for our customers. Our colleagues at CERN stand ready to provide complex support services, and we reaffirm our strategic commitment to fostering scientific advancement through our collaboration," commented Arnaud Laure, Managing Director for International Organisations.