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#SercoInSpace news roundup

Published: 25 Apr 2024

The start of this year has been really busy for our space teams attending most of the key industry conferences, maintaining a strategic overview of the ever-evolving Global space landscape, and establishing new connections with customers and peers in addition to attending many key recruitment fairs in the countries we operate in. We are expecting a busy and exciting year ahead of us in terms of attending key industry and academia events, which will further expand our network within the buzzing space industry.


16th European Space Conference

What: It is a unique platform to address the most pressing topics and challenges faced by the European space ecosystem. 2023 marks a decisive year for the European space sector, with Europe continuing to take significant steps to bolster its capabilities, foster the growth of a robust space ecosystem, and secure its position in the space domain in an ever-shifting global context.

When: 23-24 January 2024

Where: Brussels, Belgium

Our Managing Director for Space, Roberto Mulatti participated at a high-level panel discussion ‘Satellites and Earth Observation in support of SDGs and the Green deal’ where he addressed the important topic of Earth Observation ‘s role on driving sustainable change for our planet.

See our reel video from the event.

See the event’s page here.


OHVcloud Summit

At the event, we were represented by our Director for Space Business Development, Guido Vingione. At Serco we are proud to have trusted OVHcloud as our cloud computing partner, as it has been instrumental in the operation of our Destination Earth Core Service Platform (DESP).

At the talk, Guido touched upon a few important topics, including the evolution of the space business landscape, the shift of focus towards a NewSpace economy, and the commercialisation of space value-adding services. In conversation with Helena de Fuentes, he also spoke about the leading role of Europe in shaping the future of space exploitation and talked about the instrumental role of OVHcloud’s technology in powering the DESP platform.

When: 1 February 2024

Where: Madrid, Spain


11th edition of Paris Space Week

This year we exhibited under the Sustainability Pavilion, which perfectly reflects our mission to impact a better future. Serco has signed the ESA Sustainability Agreement, a commitment to always prioritise social responsibility and sustainable development, which was one of the highlights of the event. In addition, Alexis Longuet, our Space - Business Development Manager for Europe delivered a talk on ‘Digital platforms to support action for a sustainable future’.

When: 12-13 March 2024

Where: Paris, France

See our reel video from the event.

See the event’s page here.


39th Space Symposium

What: Space Symposium is recognised as the premier gathering of the global space industry, bringing together thousands of representatives from the military, civil, and commercial space sector in a single location.

When: 8-11 April 2024

Where: Colorado, USA

Our global space teams, from Europe, United Kingdom, and North America joined forces and attended the event for the fourth time this year, where we have been showcasing Serco's international capabilities spanning over the areas of Space acquisition, data management, earth observation, systems lifecycle support, and Space safety operations.

"Serco has been supporting space projects for 60 years," said Tom Watson, CEO of Serco in North America. "Space is an exciting sector for our organization and we are proud of the impact our highly skilled scientific, technical, and engineering teams have contributed to advance the mission of our military and civilian space customers across the globe."

With over 10,000 space professionals and decision makers from more than 40 countries in attendance, the Space Symposium provided a unique opportunity to examine space issues from multiple perspectives, to promote dialog and to focus attention on critical space issues.

See the event’s page here.