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Martine, proudly supporting the Belgian Navy at the Naval Base in Zeebrugge

No two days are the same for Martine, who works for the logistic service of the Belgian Navy (NAVLOG) at the Naval Base Zeebrugge on behalf of Serco Maritime Services.

In her role of Technical Administrative Assistant, Martine is involved in a vast array of tasks and she performs duties for several departments such as: Radio/Telecom and Satellite communication; Sonar; Radar; GPS; MRT (measurement & control technology).

Spending each day in different departments assisting and collaborating with a large team of specialists, Martine never gets bored on the job.

By providing administrative support to our customer and the important work they do, I like to think how my contribution is part of a wider project, in some ways I feel that I am also contributing to our nation’s safety.

The search, detection, and destruction of individual naval mines to ensure our safety

In addition to providing support for the Belgian Navy vessels, the four departments in the Serco Maritime Services are specifically responsible for maintaining the Minehunters of Belgium and the Netherlands to ensure the safety of the seas.

A minehunter is a naval vessel that seeks, detects, and destroys individual naval mines. A minehunter uses an imaging sonar to detect and classify targets and then sends out divers or remotely operated vehicles to inspect and neutralise the threat, often using small charges that are detonated remotely. As minehunters will often be operating in close proximity to mines, they are designed so as to reduce their own acoustic and magnetic signatures, two common forms of trigger for mines. Due to the difficulty of finding sea mines, as well as their number, it is crucial to locate them.

Martine plays an important role in ensuring that the minehunters’ operations are being well documented and that any faults or delays are dealt with promptly and efficiently – for example if something on a ship breaks, Martine needs to communicate this quickly to the relevant expert in order to allow a timely repair. By following the right procedures Martine helps ensure that all the ships are in good shape and are ready to sail.

“I am Serco and Proud since day one and enjoy feeling we are taken care of”

Martine, having lived and worked in South Africa for over a decade, appreciates how Serco embraces cultures from all over the world and celebrates diversity.

Martine’s career change from selling and importing wine from South Africa, to now assisting the logistics service (NAVLOG) of the Belgian Navy, has enhanced her existing skills and determination to do well in her job but also to know she can contribute to citizens’ wellbeing in some ways.

Over the past few months and thanks to environmental campaigns and trainings provided by Serco through the Goes Green Campaign, Martine's team have slowly but surely taken a more sustainable approach to their work and started recycling, carpooling and reusing material in the office.

“I do feel I am at the right place working for Serco and the Belgian Navy. I feel my work is valued and appreciated, and there is always an opportunity for growth. I can not wait for what comes next on my Serco journey!”