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About Serco

What we do

Serco delivers services to governments and other institutions who serve the public or protect vital national interests.

Serco’s roots go back to 1929, and in 1988 the Group was listed on the London Stock Exchange. Now, Serco is a FTSE 250 company managing over 500 contracts worldwide and employing more than 50,000 people across our operations.

We deliver services through people, supported by effective processes, technology and skilled management. Our customers define what outcomes or services they need to deliver, and we develop new and more effective ways to deliver them. We provide innovative solutions to some of the most complex challenges facing governments, bringing our experience, capability and scale to deliver the service standards, cost efficiencies and policy outcomes governments want. In this way we make a positive difference to the lives of millions of people around the world, often looking after some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in society and helping to keep nations safe.

Our core sectors

Our business is focused across five core sectors, with revenue in 2022 of £4,534m or £4,772m, including our share of joint ventures and associates, to reflect our total scale in each sector.


Protecting national and international security interests.

Justice & Immigration

Safeguarding those in our care and beyond.


Facilitating safe and efficient movement of people and goods.

Health & other Facilities Management

Enhancing public sector infrastructure, patient experience and care quality. 

Citizen Services

Contributing to the wellbeing of citizens and communities.

Where we operate

Serco's operations are across four geographical regions; UK & Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Middle East:


"Serco has navigated the global challenges of the last few years well. This provides a powerful endorsement of the strategy and a solid foundation for future growth"

John Riston, Chairman

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Executive Committee profiles

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Health and Safety

Driven by our Zero Harm vision, we strive to ensure our people, our partners and those in our care are safe and well at the end of every day.

Serco Values flower - Trust, Care, Innovation and Pride

Our values

Our culture is based on a set of four values - Trust, Care, Innovation, Pride - that shape our individual behaviours and hence the way the company behaves.

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Protecting personal data

What personal data means to Serco?