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Performance data and reporting

We seek not only to meet our reporting obligations but to provide assurance that we are properly addressing our ESG responsibilities.

Our reporting is driven by several factors: internal awareness and use by management to inform decisions and track progress against our strategy and business plans; the requests for information from analysts and investors, and comments received through direct engagement with them; the interests of broader stakeholder groups who are increasingly interested in our ESG performance.

Subject Matter Leads produce management reports on initiatives, progress against thresholds and strategic objectives which are reported to the Group Executive Committee and Corporate Responsibility Committee of the plc Board. This narrative and data reporting enables trends to be identified and analysis against targets to help inform risk reviews, strategic decisions, and remuneration decisions.

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2023 Data Book

Our 2023 Data Book provides a full suite of ESG data points over a five-year period with notes and commentary. The data reported is captured through a range of systems. These are detailed in the introduction tab of the data book.

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Basis of Reporting

Our 2023 Data Book is supported by two supplements covering Planet Basis of Reporting and People, Place and Governance Basis of Reporting. These provide a guide to the scope of indicators used in the ESG Data Book 2023, setting out the reporting approach and criteria to non-financial reporting,

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We engage Grant Thornton UK LLP to provide independent limited assurance over select People, Place and Governance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Grant Thornton issued an unqualified opinion over the KPIs covered. The full assurance report is available here. We engage Accenture to provide independent reasonable assurance over our Environmental KPIs. Their full assurance statement is available here.

GRI Content Index

We have published our Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Content Index here.

SFDR Content Index

We have published our Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) Content Index here.

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ESG resources

Browse our various Environmental, Social and Governance reports and resources along with public third-party reports on Serco operations, and our responses to frequently asked questions.

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The human face of impact

As an exploration of how the greatest people, place and planet impacts come from real people striving to make a positive difference for the individuals, communities and world around them, we have published a standalone impact report: ‘The human face of impact’. This report shares real stories from across our business, illustrating the human face of our impact around the world.

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