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At the heart of the Serco Management System are the Group Policy statements Our policies

The Serco Management System (SMS) is the Group's management framework which describes how we do business.

It defines the rules which govern the way we operate, deliver our strategy and the way we behave.

The SMS is driven by 14 Group policy statements which define what is important to our stakeholders. The SMS then provides guidance on the minimum, mandatory standards expected of all employees, enabling us to assure good governance and behave consistently across our business. It is global in application, and all divisional and local management systems are incorporated into it.

The SMS is applied in the context of our Values and endorsed by the Serco Group plc Board.

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By operating within the SMS, we make sure we:

  • have clear levels of accountability and governance

  • embed our values and expected behaviours in everything we do

  • operate consistently in order to driving efficiency

  • support and build our reputation

  • ensure that we operate with honesty and integrity

SMS Framework

Our SMS framework is made of  3 levels:

Level 1: Policy

A statement of intent, signed by the Group Chief Executive and approved by the Serco Group plc Board, which defines our commitment in the policy area and applies across the Group.

Level 2: Requirements by persona

This sets out the minimum we must do to fulfil a policy commitment, it details the processes and controls that must be in place and who is responsible for doing it.

Level 3: Procedures and supporting documents

Procedures, function policies and other supporting documents provide guidance on how to deliver a requirement.

We have a clear and robust governance process to manage our Serco Management System along with any regional or market enhancements to them.

SMS Policies

Access all of the Policies from the Serco Management System, available in nine different languages.

Aviation Safety
Business Conduct and Ethics
Business Development
Customer and Contract
Data Privacy
Governance, Legal and Assurance
Health, Safety and Wellbeing
Human Rights
Risk Management and Insurance
Security and IT