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Gender Pay Gap Report 2021 Everyone Matters

Our ambition to be a superb provider of public services by being the best managed business in our sector is underpinned by our four strategic priorities; one of which is to create a place that people are proud to work. Creating an inclusive workplace in which everyone can thrive plays a key part in delivering on this priority.

Enabling our Diverse workforce and building our inclusive workplace can only be achieved through our commitment to creating a culture where everyone matters.  Gender diversity, inclusion in all forms and our focus on reducing our gender pay gap through taking positive action remains critical for us. In conjunction with reducing our overall gender pay gap, we have also seen our balance at senior levels around the world improve.  In 2021, we have reduced our gender pay gap to 6.96%. While that already exceeds the ambition we set ourselves (to get below 10% by the end of 2022) we will always continue to do more. 

Our 2021 gender pay gap report shares examples of the progress we have made in our broader Diversity and Inclusion Strategy all over the world, and celebrates the contribution of our people; females, role models and allies for their leadership and performance.

Anthony Kirby, Chief Operating Officer

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