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With capabilities right across the immigration cycle, from border control and detention centres to housing and welfare support, we are committed to helping governments protect borders and sensitively manage immigration.

Protecting borders and managing controlled immigration

Serco is a world leading provider of border control and immigration services. Our capabilities span the immigration cycle, from surveillance and border control to the processing of asylum applications, from the management of detention centres to the provision of welfare support in the community.

We help governments meet the challenge of managing immigration by applying intelligence, strengthening border controls, sensitively managing people, working in close partnership with voluntary organisations to deliver housing and welfare support, and delivering efficiencies through the system that reduce cost and enable the swift repatriation or successful integration of migrants into society.

Driven by a strong public sector ethos, all of our immigration specialists are trained in and committed to ensuring the wellbeing, safety, compassion, and respect for the people entrusted to our care.

Our world of experience

Serco is the leading provider of border control and immigration services across the UK and Australia. This means we can transfer best practice, as well as tap into proven technology solutions and Serco’s specialist cross-sector capabilities in areas such as facilities management and complex case management. We have an international Centre of Excellence for Immigration dedicated to maximising the benefits of this.

Our services include the management of border controls, the management of detention centres, the provision of housing and welfare support services for asylum applicants, the issuing of identity documents, and repatriation services. We also deliver tracking, border detection, and surveillance services.

Our market segments

  • Escorting
  • Secure Immigration Detention
  • Community Accommodation and Support
  • Case Management and Application Processing
  • Border Protection


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