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From prison management and rehabilitation to secure logistics, court, and prisoner escorting services, we are committed to safeguarding society and reducing reoffending.

Clarence Correctional Centre in New South Wales, Australia

Serco has been awarded the contract to operate the Clarence Correctional Centre in New South Wales, Australia.

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Safeguarding society and reducing reoffending

Serco provides essential services across the justice system, from the secure and safe operation of prisons, young adult, and escorting services, to managing the reintegration of ex-offenders into society. We also provide command and control, data analytics, and surveillance services to law enforcement agencies.

We help governments deliver a more effective justice system, at a lower cost, by championing service innovations, applying intelligent systems, employing the best people, and forming partnerships with voluntary organisations to produce the very best service offerings.

By pursuing a rehabilitative approach to justice, with a focus on education, other criminogenic needs, and the key outcome of reducing reoffending, helping to make offenders less likely to return to the criminal justice system, helping to rebuild lives, reduce demand on governments, and reduce the financial and wider costs of crime to citizens.

Our world of experience

Serco manages critical custodial and justice services on behalf of governments in England & Wales, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand. This means we can transfer best practice, as well as tap into proven technology solutions and Serco’s specialist cross-sector capabilities in areas such as facilities management and complex case management. We have an international Centre of Excellence for Justice dedicated to maximising the benefits of this.

Our Justice services range from prison management, prisoner escort, and youth detention services, to electronic monitoring and the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders back into the community. Serco also manages surveillance, secure storage, and command and control support services for law enforcement agencies.

Our market segments

  • Full Prison Management

  • Courts Services

  • Electronic Monitoring

  • Offender Communities

  • Secure Logistic Services

  • Prison Programs

  • Prisoner Escorting and Court Services


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