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Medical and dental logistics excellence for defence

Serco provides medical and dental logistics management services to the Australian Defence Force across the globe.

Serco’s medical and dental solutions provide dedicated logistics support to the Australian Defence Force through the provision of specialist medical kitting and management of the maintenance services needed to support the medical and dental equipment used by the ADF across Australia.

Our services

  • Warehousing operational reserve pharmaceuticals
  • Construction of medical kits
  • Equipment maintenance for all ADF medical and dental equipment across regular scheduled preventative maintenance as well as ad hoc reactive maintenance
  • Scheduling and management of all preventative maintenance
  • Management of reactive maintenance tasks
  • Recording all technical inspection reports.

Medical kitting services

Serco provides an on-site service, constructing ADF medical kits which involves a range of over 100 medical kit types, producing up to 500 kits per year.

Equipment maintenance

Serco manages maintenance for the ADF’s medical and dental equipment:

  • supporting over 100 defence bases and barracks locations within Australia
  • scheduling, coordinating and managing scheduled preventative maintenance servicing for more than 42,000 items of medical and dental equipment
  • coordinating and managing the repair and reactive maintenance of over 3,000 items of medical and dental equipment per year
  • on-site servicing and repair of medical and dental equipment.

ADF medical equipment includes the complete range of medical and dental equipment required to support small medical surgeries through to large static and deployable hospitals.

Rigorous performance requirements

Our service solutions are delivered within a meticulous performance regime across all service lines that requires:

  • stock movements in and out of inventory system to be accurately recorded in the Defence inventory system within one business day
  • effective stock management to ensure low levels of short shelf life pharmaceuticals and consumables
  • effective equipment servicing to ensure maximum availability
  • rapid repairs to critical equipment.


Key Facts

  • 500 medical kits per year produced
  • 42,000 pieces of medical equipment maintained
  • 3,000 equipment repairs each year
  • 100 Australian Defence Force sites across Australia supported

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