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Armed Forces Covenant

Our Commitment to the Armed Forces - Rupert Soames CEO

"For over 50 years Serco has worked alongside the UK Armed Forces providing critical defence support services. This has given us a unique appreciation of the contribution and sacrifice that people working for the Armed Forces make, and continue to make once they have left the service to our business and in the wider community.

It is for these reasons that Serco is absolutely committed to being an Armed Forces Friendly company and I am very proud that we not only employ a significant number of ex-service personnel right across our business, but we also offer real support to employees who have volunteered to serve in the Reserve Forces. This commitment was reaffirmed in October 2013 when we were one of the first company signatories to the Armed Forces Covenant. A Covenant that we take very seriously and will work hard to deliver upon".

We have now re-signed the Armed Forces Covenant (June 2018), committing the company to a further five years of support.

The Armed Forces Covenant

At its heart the Armed Forces Covenant includes a statement of commitment to two key principles, which are:

  •  No member of the Armed Forces community should face disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizens
  •  In some circumstances special treatment may be appropriate, especially for the injured or bereaved

In addition Serco has also made two further commitments:

  • To actively recruit veterans and provide greater flexibility to staff who are Reservists by further supporting their training and deployment.
  • A pledged to support service dependants and local cadet organisations at the many military bases at which it operates.

An Armed Services Covenant steering group committee has been formed to coordinate activities, for more information or to provide feedback please email [email protected]

Serco received a Gold Award in recognition of its support of the Armed Forces Covenant in January 2016.