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Serco extends two contracts

Published: 23 Dec 2013

Serco Asia Pacific has successfully extended two of its existing contracts – the first to provide Open Space Management and Maintenance Services for the City of Melbourne in its prestigious parks, gardens and reserves, and the second for the provision of essential services to BlueScope Steel at its Port Kembla and Western Port Facilities.

In addition to the original open space facilities management contract held with Melbourne City since 1995, Serco will also provide services to an additional region, effectively doubling the contract’s scope.

Serco will be the sole provider of Open Space Management and Maintenance Services to the City, including all of the City of Melbourne’s world renowned parks and gardens, servicing thousands of visitors and locals every day. The extended contract will begin in April 2014, for a term of four years with two three-year extension options.

Serco’s extended BlueScope Steel contract provides integrated essential services at the Port Kembla and Western Port facilities up to 2019. The contract officially commences on 1 January 2014. Serco has been servicing BlueScope Steel since June 2001 establishing a reputation as a supplier of high quality, reliable and innovative essential services.

Serco Chief Executive Mark Irwin said the extended contracts were testament to Serco’s service quality and ability to partner with customers to deliver for their clients.

'The City of Melbourne has millions of visitors and users of their parks and gardens each year and the role we play in supporting them, helps to deliver on that wonderful experience.

‘BlueScope is an important manufacturer and iconic brand in Australia. Our role to provide integrated services supports them continuing to deliver quality products.’