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Treating people in our care with dignity and respect in a safe and secure environment Immigration

Delivering better outcomes for the people in our care

Serco is a leading provider of immigration services. Our services include the management of detention centres, transporting and escorting people locally, domestically and internationally, and the provision of support services for people while their immigration status is being resolved with government immigration departments.

We help governments meet the challenge of managing immigration by applying intelligence, sensitively managing people, working in close partnership with not-for-profit organisations to deliver support, and delivering efficiencies that reduce cost and enable the swift repatriation or successful integration of migrants into society.

Driven by a strong public sector ethos, our immigration specialists are trained in and committed to ensuring the wellbeing, safety, compassion, and respect for the people entrusted to our care.

We contribute to the Government’s commitment to national security, with a demonstrated ability to be flexible and responsive, while ensuring those in our care are treated with dignity and respect.

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Our capabilities

Welfare & Engagement

Our welfare and engagement services include developing Individual Management Plans for those in our care and providing them with access to a range of communication mediums, such as telephones; internet; mail and fax services; and the facilitation of visits. 

Programs & Activities

We ensure those in our care have access to a variety of educational, vocational, sporting, religious, cultural, and instructive programs, and support them to proactively engage and explore options relating to their health and wellbeing. We also provide amenities and resources for them to access in their own time such as libraries, gymnasiums, exercise and sporting equipment, and internet facilities. 

Complex Case Management

We deliver life-enhancing outcomes for individuals with complex challenges. Our specialised case management solution provides assessment, planning, management and coordination services across a broad range of settings.


We maintain and operate security systems across a variety of facilities, such as managing entry and exit of those in our care and visitors, conducting various security protocols, managing emergencies, and conducting risk assessments. 

Facilities Management

We have more than 50 years’ experience delivering facilities management services in secure environments around the world. We maintain infrastructure, assets, and grounds. We also implement environmental management plans, including waste control, thereby ensuring environmental impact is minimised.

Garrison Services

We provide catering and self-catering food services which meet nutritional requirements, are aligned to normal community standards, are culturally appropriate and meet individual needs of those in our care. We also provide cleaning and laundry services in addition to managing the onsite shops for those in our care to purchase incidental items.

Transport & Escort

We provide services outside of the detention centre environment, such as escorting those in our care to external activities and medical appointments, as well as transferring detainees between facilities and alternative accommodation options. 

International Transfers & Assisted Returns

We provide both accompanied and unaccompanied escorts for individuals returning to their country of origin or regional centre. We also provide various services to assist non-citizens to voluntarily return home. 

Community Accommodation & Support

We provide vital support services for people while their immigration status is being resolved with government immigration departments. Our services include community accommodation, case coordination, and transitional support.

Reception & Induction

We provide induction and screening services when individuals arrive into our care, such as securely recording information and storing property, and providing in-language welcome packs to ensure those in our care are informed. 

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