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Collaborative industry partner and service integrator Defence

Trusted to deliver critical support services and maintain sensitive infrastructure

Serco provides critical support services to Defence organisations, operating both in country and embedded within deployed forces around the world. We have deep expertise operating across all military settings, including space, marine, land and air.

We maximise the resources of defence organisations by delivering lower-cost, higher-quality support services to command and personnel. Organisations we serve include the Australian Defence Force (ADF), New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), US Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Luftwaffe, Royal Canadian Air Force, and the Belgian Navy.

Our highly qualified, specialist teams understand the unique and varied demands of the organisations they serve, so that they are able to work hand-in-hand with service personnel wherever they are needed. 

Drawing on our multi-disciplinary local workforces, we have the capability, experience and flexibility to support critical Defence and national security operations wherever, whenever.

Reservists and veterans employed across Australia and New Zealand
Vessels designed, built and introduced into service for the Royal Australian Navy
Client assets under management across Australia
Years partnered with ADF

Our capabilities

Estate and Base Services

We provide flexible and adaptable facilities management and operational support for Government services and critical infrastructure. We aim to efficiently and effectively operate and maintain the capability of military assets, including bases, barracks, and their associated facilities. Our services include maintenance and repairs, cleaning and hospitality, security and emergency response management.

Fire and Rescue Services

Our comprehensive fire and rescue service solution provides our clients with trained and experienced personnel as well as the latest vehicles and equipment. Our emergency response capability includes airfield rescue and firefighting services, structural rescue and firefighting, road accident and personnel rescue, and hazardous materials (HAZMAT) incident response.

Logistics and Operational Support

We provide innovative logistics capabilities that deliver integrated solutions for planned and emergency deployments. Our integrated systems include warehousing, inventory, supply chain, and obsolescence management.

Design, Build, Operate, Maintain

In collaboration with shipbuilders, Serco achieves innovative vessel design, build, and modifications. We provide commercial crews to operate support vessels and meet the needs of Defence and Government clients. We also provide engineering, maintenance, supply support, and offshore and inshore operations. 

Acquisition and Complex Project Management

We are an industry leader in complex procurement tasks, asset management and lifecycle support. Our total asset management practices align processes, people, and logistics throughout each asset's life.

Specialist Maintenance and Technical Support

We provide in-service support for Mini-Typhoon, Typhoon and Toplite systems. Services include support and maintenance for the defence platforms, including engineering management, strategic procurement and inventory management.

Training, Education and Professional Development

We provide a range of fully accredited training to RAN and RNZN, delivering courses that support the attainment of nationally recognised qualifications. We provide cost effective solutions that meet the unique needs of military operations, utilising immersive and simulation technology to replicate real-life situations and prepare senior military leaders through to front-line personnel for the most demanding scenarios they will face.

Clinical Health Services

We provide clinical teams for the ADF’s 64 Health Centres around Australia, and at the Butterworth base in Malaysia. We are responsible for recruitment, credentialing, on-boarding, compliance, clinical professional development and workforce management. We have a dedicated workforce of around 1,700 supporting more than 80,000 ADF members and reservists. Our ADF telehealth service handles over 1,000 calls per day

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