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Partnering with governments to deliver better public services Community Services

Serco partners with Commonwealth, state and local governments to deliver essential community services, ranging from contact centres to emergency response programs, healthcare, enterprise workforce management, complex case management and road safety programs. 

With a focus on customer service and transforming community experience, we use data analytics to help governments to design better services and innovate to meet the rising expectation for improved public services.

As an impact partner, we drive operational and cost efficiency through process improvement, technology and workforce models that are designed to increase local capacity and capability to deliver sustainable service.

million interactions annually
specialist employees
years delivering Contact Centre services

Our capabilities

Customer Centric Design

We address service users' needs through innovative design and efficient delivery of service solutions, utilising technology and efficient, agile operational models. Supporting governments to meet the growing demands placed upon them by digital transformation, empowered citizens, growing populations, and the need to do more and deliver quality services with less.

Onshore Contact Centre Delivery

Serco manages multi-channel contact centres that provide accessible and responsive access to essential government services. Bespoke contact centre solutions are fully integrated with existing platforms, reducing costs and streamlining service outcomes to improve the user experience.

We enable government bodies to deliver more public services to more users, across metropolitan, regional, and remote areas, with less taxpayer investment and faster resolution.

Back & Middle Office Support

We provide seamless transactional back and middle office services for government organisations that need to quickly, accurately and securely process large volumes of forms, letters, transactions, and administrative data within Australia.

Through our systems, resources, and infrastructure to gather, manage, process and report the most sensitive, confidential citizen information efficiently and securely. By streamlining and scaling-up processes, we improve accuracy and reduce costs, while enhancing the user experience.

Digital Transformation

Serco is leading “Digital by Design” transformations for Government contact centres across Australia and internationally. We focus on serving users through the right channels at the right time, delivering value through continual improvement, innovation and transformation.

We support governments to pursue transitions from traditional contact centre operations to “Digital by Design” configurations. We can map out a path through channel establishment and migration initiatives, voice analytics and automation to drive value, improve efficiency and optimise resources.

Complex Case Management

We support individuals with complex challenges through specialised case management from assessment and planning to management and coordination services.

Our case management services support people with a broad range of needs, delivered by highly trained, experienced staff. Our experienced analysts can identify trends and provide insights and recommendations for service delivery efficiencies and at-risk cohorts where required.  

As a trusted partner to governments, we are flexible and responsive in adapting our service delivery to changing cohorts and evolving government policy.