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Delivering complex and sensitive maritime operations for governments around the world Maritime

Leading global maritime service operator

Wielding our diverse maritime capabilities, we provide extensive marine services in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, and Canada. This global maritime community allows us to consistently deliver value for money, accomplished through a platform that provides innovative approaches, new capabilities, operational support, and assured service delivery.

Our team has designed, built and introduced more than 130 small craft and auxiliary vessels into Commonwealth service. In total, we manage around 270 defence and government maritime assets and provide the commercial crews to efficiently operate support vessels for the Australian Navy.

Our qualified mariner workforce has extensive knowledge of Australian marine operations and the experience to fulfill diverse customer requirements. We operate safely in all offshore and inshore conditions and provide comprehensive in-service support for maritime assets. Our expert engineering team delivers responsive and assured planned maintenance, enables optimal performance, and meets required sea days.

In Asia Pacific, we have a permanent, nationwide footprint at the ports of Sydney, Jervis Bay, Cairns, Darwin, Rockingham, Hobart, Western Port, and Auckland.

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Our capabilities

Design, Build, Operate, Maintain

In collaboration with shipbuilders, Serco achieves innovative vessel design, build, and modifications. We provide commercial crews to operate support vessels and meet the needs of Defence and Government clients. We also provide engineering, maintenance, supply support, and offshore and inshore operations. 

Marine Support Services

We provide technical management of vessels across the full asset lifecycle and have robust systems in place to provide worldwide support to a varied and complex fleet. We have expertise in a wide range of services including marine towage, practice weapon recovery, general harbour services, target tow and ranges, pollution containment, training, mooring support, fuelling operations, and more. 

Acquisition and Complex Project Management

We are an industry leader in complex procurement tasks, asset management and lifecycle support. Our total asset management practices align processes, people, and logistics throughout each asset's life.

Training, Education and Professional Development

We provide a range of fully accredited training to RAN and RNZN, delivering courses that support the attainment of nationally recognised qualifications. We provide cost effective solutions that meet the unique needs of military operations, utilising immersive and simulation technology to replicate real-life situations and prepare senior military leaders through to front-line personnel for the most demanding scenarios they will face.

Vessel Operations and Crewing

We provide commercial crews to operate maritime support craft ranging in size from Regulated Australian Vessels, Domestic Commercial Vessels, Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats and Tugs, to Research and Supply Vessels and Icebreakers. Our experienced personnel engaged in shipboard operations are highly-skilled and trained accordingly to a high level of competency, both operationally and procedurally.

Repair and Maintenance

Our highly-skilled engineers and technicians perform maintenance and repair tasks across a range of vessel types and sizes. Our team members combine decades of experience with specialised skills, working closely with clients to ensure repair and maintenance activities support the longevity, survivability and safety of both the vessel and the personnel onboard. 

RSV Nuyina

In 2016, we were awarded the contract for the Design, Build, Operation and Maintenance of Australia’s new icebreaker, RSV Nuyina. The Nuyina is a state-of-the-art ship that provides scientists unprecedented and extended access to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. One of the most advanced vessels of its kind in the world, the RSV Nuyina is a scientific research platform, icebreaker and resupply ship in one.

Unparalleled experience in total integrated ship design

In the United States, our Marine Engineering Operations team is actively supporting the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on researching technologies and advancing design development on the No Manning Required Ship, NOMARS “X-Ship” technology demonstrator. The NOMARS program reflects a radical departure from ship design, with Serco reimagining design and maintenance philosophies to enable robust and reliable long endurance, self-adaptive drones.

Leading warship and commercial ship designer

With around 1,200 employees and cross-country presence, our maritime expertise in Canada spans naval, coast guard, research and civilian ships. Our teams act as the detail and functional design agent on Canada’s NSS Joint Support Ship Program and perform the design and construction oversight for the Government of Ontario on the Pelee Island, Wolfe Island and Amherst Island ferries.

Polar Icebreaker Program

As a leader in integrated, complex ship design, we are proud to partner with Davie Shipyard on its Polar Icebreaker program, the flagship of Davie’s National Icebreaker Centre. As a design and engineering partner, we provide the Davie team with engineering, project management and production support.

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